June 20, 2007


Thanks to everybody for the reassuring words of wisdom on the whole wedding thing.

This is a HUGE deal to me and I just want it to be perfect as there are no do-overs. So, I appreciated all the comments and blogger hugs.

Running didn't happen although I did get up and do my weight lifting/circuit training bit (by the way, my arms are starting to look nice....). I headed to work to get my run in but it was awfully cloudy and I really didn't want to get stuck in a bad rain storm (guess that's another sign that I'm just a jogger). And I just really didn't want to run on the treadmill. So, I opted for more circuit training...split my time between the bike, the eliptical, and the stairmaster. It was actually fun since I haven't done that in a while and broke up the monotony of run run run. I'm hoping to get 3 miles in this afternoon with my favorite running partner, T-roy, although he doesn't know it yet.

On another note, a blogger (thatredheadedlady) posted something that no one other than I got. But I thought it was funny and worth mentioning. Last Friday me and my two best girlfriends (Kathryn and Jennifer) met to look at wedding gowns. K and J had never met prior to this event and I was late meeting both of them (of course), so they got to get their introductions out of the way before I arrived. So, off we go. Pulling out dresses, trying them on, laughing our butts off. But J keeps calling K "Kathy". And I couldn't figure out why. Her name is KATHRYN, not Kathy. I thought maybe K had introduced herself that way...deciding at 34 to make a name change. I just didn't know. And J wasn't just saying it once or twice. I think she used the word "Kathy" in every sentence she made...."Kathy, what do you think about this dress?" or "Amy, look at the veil Kathy picked out" or "that Kathy is so good at picking dresses out". So, we left. No one mentioning where "Kathy" had come from (btw K, how come neither of us brought it up in the car ride over to Ingleside???). So, off to another bridal shop where J proceeded with Kathy this and Kathy that.

I had finally had enough.

And (laughing) said "J, why are you calling her Kathy? Her name is Kathryn!". J just looked stunned. For almost 2 hours K and I had let her call her by the wrong name. I still have no idea why it took us so long to correct her. We had a good laugh about it and K told J how she HATES it when people call her Kathy (which made it even funnier) and J said "I know...I hate being called Jenny".

So it began.

For the rest of our time together, K called J "Jenni" and J called K "Kathi". And they decided that not only would they be called that in each other's presence but that they wanted to end them in an "i" and if it is handwritten, they want the i dotted with a heart.

How old are we again???

But, you better believe that their engagement party invitation, name on the wedding program (they are both bridesmaids), and anything else wedding related will be addressed as Kathi and Jenni! They won't ever live this down.

Anyway, every time I think about it I start giggling like a 12 year old.

Have a great rest of the week!


Liz said...

That is hysterical! :) I love it when friends hit it off.

My girls names are Kimberly, Samantha and Catherine and that is what they should be called. I don't like nicknames either. They are only 3 and they will correct you if you call them anything other than their real name! :)

thatredheadedlady said...

Just a side note - my name is Katherine - not Kathryn - but you are still my best friend, and you can spell it however you want.

Amy said...

You spelled my last name wrong on my birthday card, so guess we're even! Thanks anyway!!!!