June 25, 2007

Start of the Week

2 miles with 26Marathons this morning. It would have been 3 but I petered out after 2 and let him go on (actually I told him to go on at the 2.5 mile mark). So he finished in around 25 minutes, while I came dragging in at 27:38. I rememeber that there used to be a day when I was excited about that time. Not anymore. I know I can do better. Tomorrow is speedwork. Gonna start out with 4 or 6 x 200's. I'm just not gutsy enough to do 400's yet. That will be next week. I also made a new weight training program that incorporates more weight and less reps. I started it this morning and actually broke a sweat at 5am. Go me.

I have a stats test tonight. I'm already ready for this week to be over with....

Plan for the rest of the week:
Weights Tues-Fri
Tues 4 or 6 x 200's
Wed 3 miles
Thur 4 miles (with 26Marathons)
Fri 3 miles
Sat 5 miles
Sun rest

This week I'm going to work on being more positive while running.

Have a great weekend!


Kurt said...

For me I would rather do 400's than 200's. 200's hurt so much more!

Tara Sasser said...

Sorry I don't know Brandi...don't stress to much about the dj because you will not remember what they play that night anyway : )