June 16, 2007

Remember that # 26 (from yesterday's post)??

Well, it's come back to haunt me again.

Cause I ran a breezy 26:26 in the Salute to Freedom 5k this morning!

So, I didn't break 26 minutes? I PR'ed and that's all that matters!

And I came in 3rd for my age group again.

There are 2 local 30-34er's who I may never beat, but one leaves my age group next year and the other just jumped into my age group. What does that mean? That I've got 3 more years to try and beat her (haha). From what I can figure she runs about a 24 min 5k, which is out of my league now...but just give me 3 more years....hey, we all have to have goals right???

You know I still can't believe that 2 years ago this time, I would have using my Saturday mornings to sleep in rather than run. And I really can't believe that just a year and a half ago I ran my first 5k almost 10 minutes slower than I ran this morning!!!!

As far as today's race goes, I started out at what I thought was a reasonable pace. I tried to trail some girl that I thought was in my age group but, I found out later she was in the 20-24 age group (that still makes me laugh...). Troy didn't run this morning so he was on picture duty. So, it was a nice surprise as I came running up the Greenway just at mile 1 and saw him smiling. When I got to mile 1 I looked down at my watch as the volunteer was shouting "7:55"...WHAT??? What was I thinking??? 7:55!!!! I've never broken 8 minutes on a mile! My watch said 8:07 which was still a huge shocker for me. I slowed down a bit since I knew I couldn't keep this pace up for long. As I round mile 2 I (where the turnaround was) I noticed several friends who were ahead of me (but not by much) and several who were behind me. I still kept my eye on 20yearold although our spread was getting farther and farther apart. Mile 2 the volunteer shouted "16...something". My watch was a better predictor at 8:21 or 16:29 overall. I still couldn't believe it. I was feeling that I was hoovering in the 8 minute zone but didn't want to give up. Besides, I had no idea where Troy would be lurking...there was NO way I was going to let him see me walk! Around mile 2.5 there was Troy taking more pics! And that also started the hills. Someone ran by me and said, "here come the hills"...I just smirked and said "I love hills!" What a positive attitude for someone who could easily lie down on the ground and take a nap....and as I was kicking that small hills butt, and thinking now there is no way I can stop if this guy is going to trail me (he had on a local racing team singlet), we turned left for the next to last leg of the journey. And OMG. Who put that HUGE hill there??? And how come I had never seen it before!??!?!!! I did the best I could getting up that hill but was losing precious time with every foot strike. I finally made it up but was just out of gas by the time I got up there. 20yearold was definitly gone by this point. I needed some motivation. And just when I thought about motivation, 1st-place-for-our-age-groups-friend went flying past me. I figured since she was 1stplaces friend she may be in our age category too and since I already knew who first and second place would be I was not gonna let this girl beat me. Or so I thought. She did. By a mere second. I just didn't have anything else to give. And I let her win. And although I was disappointed and a little mad at myself, I knew I had PR'ed over my last 5k and that's all that mattered. When the awards ceremony started T and I stayed to watch several people we knew get awards. When they got to the 25-29 age group, 1st places friend got 2nd place!!!! Do you know how happy I was for her???? Okay, so do you know how happy I was for me????

I'm not sure what the morale of this story is. I know there is a morale there and i know I learned a ton about myself this morning but I'm still too happy for myself to decide what it is. Maybe the morale is that I'm way more capable of doing things than I sometimes give myself credit for.

There's another 5k next Saturday which is supposed to be totally flat...I know I'll get my 25 minutes on that one!

Mile 1 - 8:07
Mile 2 - 8:21
Mile 3 and .1 - 10:04 (haha)
Watch time 26:33
Clock time 26:26

Note: weird how 26 works...I looked back at my previous best time for a 5k and it was 27:52, so that means by running a 26:26, I PRed today by 1 minute and 26 seconds. Weird.

Oh and I met 2 guys who barefoot run today! It was very interesting. One really runs barefoot, while the other wears those crazy toe shoes. It was interesting a bit fascinating to listen to them talk about it.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Me sizing up the competition at the start (20yrold in the gray)

Mile 1 Looking good...

Barefoot runner #1 (in shoes)

Competition #1

Competition #2 (her entire family placed! Go Nicki!)

Me, shortly behind them at Mile 2.5...and still lookin good!

Crossing the finish line... not looking so good!

Barefoot runner #2....what interesting shoes!


thatredheadedlady said...

yeah! Go Amy!

Tim said...

Great job and great story!

jeanne said...

congratulations! you've given me hope! great write up, too.

Anonymous said...

You are inspiring! Your old PR is very close to my 5K PR! Way to go!!!

Kurt said...

Interesting post. I looked at your pictures and I believe you have a pronation in your stride. Nothing bad about it just make sure you have the right shoes.

You do the same thing I do with my left arm. Pictures are great (see my post on running a 5K fast).

Good job, congrats on the A/G award and good luck on the sub 25!