June 14, 2007

The Number 26

This post is not about 26 miles.

It's about 26 minutes.

Actually, it's about 26:04.

Yes, you read that correctly.

26 minutes.

4 seconds.

For what? you might ask.

Not for 2 miles (those days are long gone.)

Not for 2.5 miles either.

But for a solid 3 miles.

On a course that I run all the time.

And that's the fastest I've ever run it (or, according to Pearl...the fastest I've ever jogged it).

And I did it with 26Marathons.

And we chatted most of the time.

And I did feel some fading there towards the end. But, I think, had I known that I was so close to breaking the 26 minute mark, I wouldn't have been fading. I'm sure of that. But I was never really breathing that heavy. I got a small cramp in my right side. But that happens at a 10 min pace. I just couldn't believe it when I stopped my watch.

And while I was basking in the glory of my accomplishment (ie, rehydrating, stretching, etc) I thought to myself: "Self, you know what you are capable of. So why do you keep making all of these excuses?" (Thankfully my self didn't respond outloud or I would have really thought maybe I ran too fast.)

But it has got me to thinking about this. If I can run at an average pace of 8:41 (and not die) than I can surely run faster than that. And of course I started getting way ahead of myself and thinking about running a 3 hour marathon...qualifying for Boston...becoming an ultramarathoner. (note: when I dream, I dream BIG). But, then I landed back on my 26:04 cloud and realized that with preperation (mental and physical) I might can break the 26 minute mark on my 5k this Saturday. Or at the very least I know that I can PR on Saturday and I'm okay with that.

I can't believe that the first time I ran this same 3 mile stretch almost 2 years ago, my pace averaged about 13:30. And less than 2 years later, my pace has decreased by almost 5 minutes. And that's without really trying (because who am I kidding...I know I could do more). What will the next 2 years bring me (besides a Masters Degree, a CPA certification, and a new last name!)???

On a side note, I've got a birthday coming up in a week or so. And last night I was thinking it's too bad that I didn't prepare for this, but wouldn't it be cool to run my age? Next year I'll be ready.

Join me on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 for a 32 mile run!

How cool does that sound????

Have a great day!

For the record my splits were:

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Tim said...

Nicely done. I look forward to hearing about Saturday's results!