June 11, 2007

Nice Start to the Week

Looks like this week is going to be a great one (aside from it being so dang hot was 80 degrees at 7am!!!). It started off with me actually getting up in time to not only lift weights but to also get in 3 miles with "26marathons". We missed our time from Thursday by 30 seconds, but 26 ensured me that we would make it up on Thursday...can't wait. I still had enough time when I got to the gym to shower that I decided to do one more mile on the treadmill...what is going on with me???? And I still managed to maintain an overall pace under 10min/mile (9:30 to be exact), which I guess just means that the days of 10 minute miles are over with.

I've got a 5k coming up this weekend so I'm hoping there might be a PR in my future...yeah for PR's!

Friday I'm meeting 2 of my 4 bridesmaids to oohhh and ahhhh over the dress I'm thinking about getting. I'd love to post a pic of it, but you know who reads my blog too and I really want him to be surprised :)

After studying statistics for over 4 hours last night, I'm actually mildly interested in this class. Which doesn't surprise me because my first major of choice was actuarial science (when I actually decided to declare one...there were several years in my college career where I was "undecided" and happy with it). But when I saw the tests (all 10 of them) actuaries have to take to become certified, I decided Marketing would be a great fit for me (note: soon after graduation I decided that marketing really wasn't my fit either, at which time I went back and got an accounting degree...just so you know the whole story). But maybe actuarial science will still be in my future....and besides, what's not to love about finding the confidence intervals of a sample proportion when the population mean is unknown but a finite-population correction factor must be used??? See. I told you I studied last night.

T got so much done yesterday around the house while I studied...hmmmm...maybe there's a common theme here...if we leave each other alone, we might get something (other than laughing, goofing off, or drinking beer) done. He painted ugly brown paneling a pretty white and hung all of our marathon/half-marathon/triathalon (his not mine) shadow boxes on the wall...I will have to post a pic of our handy work! He installed a new soap pump in the hole in the sink that he didn't realize was there and put in a new sink drainer. This morning he was painting cabinents at 6am while I was off to run. I haven't said in a while how much I appreciate him, but I really really do. Not because he paints cabinents or hangs pictures, but because he is the exact same person I met almost 2 years ago. Not much has changed except that I've got to know him better and better and found that I have so much love to give that I never thought it would possible. But, I digress, as I'll leave all the sappy posting for a few weeks when we get ready to celebrate 2 glorious years together :)

So, this week is starting out to be a great one. Hope it stays that way!

Plan for the week:
Tues: Speedwork (4 x 400s)
Wed: 4 miles
Thur: 3 miles with 26Marathons.
Fri: rest
Sat: GA Peach Festival 5k

Have a great week!


Tim said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend. Hope the coming week is the same - Good luck on your race next weekend!

Lesley said...

Nice post, hope the rest of your week is going well! Sending PR thoughts your way for this weekend's 5K.