June 07, 2007

Did you say 26 marathons????

This morning I got my lazy caboose out of the bed in time to get 3 miles in before heading over to work. As I began, I started last Thursday's podcast of the Dave Ramsey Show. I noticed an older gentlemen (in his late50's...can I call him "older"?) who was jogging in my same direction. As he got closer I could hear the pounding of his feet on my tail. I was expecting to get passed at any moment. I was not expecting him to say "mind if I run with you?" As I laughed to myself (thinking inside, he'll hang with my slow-pokeyness for another 2 or 3 minutes before heading off) I said "sure, but just for the record I run slow". He didn't seem to mind...wanted to know what I was training for (glad I have the "I'm in training" look going). I told him Tybee Marathon and the chatting began. It turns out that he has run 26 (yes 2-6) marathons in his lifetime to include Paris, Berlin, Germany (Ramstein), and the Air Force marathon to name a few. And his slowest time was around 4 hours, when he flew from Germany to Maryland and ran the next morning with horrible jet lag. I pity the person who runs a 4 hour marathon as their worst ever...really I do. At any rate, he explained that it had been several years since he ran a marathon and that he had gained some weight (not that I could tell) and that he was trying to shed some unwanted pounds by taking up running again. By the way, his fastest marathon was around a 2:50. I couldn't believe that I was running with someone who consistently beat 3 hours in the full mary.

Since I felt like I had to prove something, or at least that I could run 3 miles without stopping, I did just that. Passed both of my mile markers and just kept going. It's been a while since I just ran without stopping (after I broke my foot, I did the run/walk thing and have never been able to shake the comfortness of knowing that I get to stop every mile or's totally mental...I know). But it felt good. To just keep going. We continued to chat the entire 3 miles about work, running, and marathons. And I never felt really exhausted. My breathing never got too labored that I couldn't keep going, or keep talking. And then we finished. In 27:30.

What did I learn today?
1. With some focus and less chatty chatty I could break 25 minutes for a 5k. I'm sure of it.
2. It's fun to run with people. Especially interesting ones.
3. That I have a great life. Before most people finished their 2nd cup of coffee, I had a fabulous run.

Have a great day!

by the way, just to note on my previous post. Our driver was designated. She only said that she had a couple of beers so that the police wouldn't search the car and realize that there were not enough seat belts for us all...quick thinking...and it worked! Next time we should make sure we ALL have a DD though!


Laurie said...

The run/walk pattern is a huge mental hurdle to overcome. I have run that way for years. This year I got a heart rate monitor and was determined to keep my heart rate low enough that I could keep running. It has been fabulous! I am enjoying each run much more because I am no longer playing a mental game. I wrote about it in a post called 'mental toughness' in early May.

Tim said...

Very nice story - Glad you're enjoying the "morning" runs!

Phil said...

When you run and chat you're forced to run a nice aerobic pace without letting your brain play tricks on your condifence. I'm sure you could go under 25 minutes in a 5K. It's just a matter of pacing. You'll be there in no time. You've come a long way since you broke your foot in San Diego last year and will only get faster.

Tom said...

I'm a morning runner and it's my favorite time of day.

I enjoy your posts. Good luck in running 5k in under 25 minutes!


Lesley said...

Enjoyed this post! I love early morning workouts too, great way to start the day. :-D

WannaBe5Ker said...

What a neat encounter--and to think, it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't gotten out there early in the am! WTG!

GL GL GL chasing the sub-25 min 5K! You are THIS close!