May 17, 2007

Without Goals, There Can Be No Progress....

I think I stole that title from someone famous...feel like I've heard it before. If not, I made up a great quote!

But it's the truth.

Without any running goals I have made absolutely no progress.

4.25 miles this entire week.

Pathetic. Wisdom teeth surgery or not, I should have logged more than that already.

So, I'm thinking that putting a marathon or two on my schedule might be just what I need.

I'm not making any commitments yet, but preliminary research shows the following possibilities:
Oct: Bridge to Ridge in NC (the one I already said I would run and changed my mind)
Nov: Atlanta Marathon (T did it last year and survived)
Dec: Rocket City in Huntsville AL
Jan: Robins AFB Museum in GA or Calloway Gardens (also in GA).

No firm plans yet, but I have got to get myself motivated to do something.

Feel free to give me any suggestions, butt-kicks, words of wisdom, etc.


After I got home I decided to make out a training schedule to see what month would be a good month as far as training goes. I used the same schedule as for my last marathon (from cool running) and figured that I need more than the typical 18 weeks to train (I still haven't gotten myself back to running without walking since my foot break). So I thought I would see where their 2-stage buildup training would take me to. It would take me to Feb 2, 2008. So, I googled that date and marathon and guess what? There is a little known (well, I didn't know about it) race down on Tybee Island clickhere. And well, I like Tybee Island and have spent quite a bit of time there soaking up some rays (and a little splash of Amstel). So, this may be it. Registration is not open yet so I still have time to back out.....but, you know when I decided to run the San Diego marathon I did the exact same I guess maybe this means it's fate or something. Yeah, or something.

PS Vote for Blake.


Anne said...

I was going to vote for Rocket City if you hadn't settled on Tybee, which should be really cool. Much, much smaller than San Diego's but all the more time to just enjoy the scenery.

miss petite america said...

vote for blake indeed!!!! lil miss sparks gets on my last nerve!

Tim said...

A training schedule which culminates on the date of a race in a location you love - Indeed, this is karma.

And thank you for correcting me on that misconception I had regarding a major food group!

Firefly's Running said...

Great training schedule.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Good motto and true for me, too. I needed a goal as well.

SO glad you are back chasing that marathon! GL in your training, must be fate to find one in a place you like at a time that works for you.