May 23, 2007

Turkey, Or Dork...It's Your Call

I affectionately call Troy a "turkey". Alot. Mostly when he's being...well...a turkey.

Today he called me at caller id...when he calls me at work I answer the phone and say "Dent Tricks" (the name of his business) always throws him off. At any rate, he said something turkeyish and I said "alright turkey". He quickly said "stop calling me that".

Note: he's asked me before to stop calling him that, but I affectionately ignored him.

I told him I could affectionately call him a dork instead.

He decided he liked turkey better.

Man, 2 posts in one day...what is this world coming to?


Gotta Run said...

Women have so much person. Fun isn't it :).

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL! How cute! I have called ID at work too.

jeff said...

maybe if you call him a dorque he'll enjoy it better? it's pronounced the same way as dork, but since it's just like torque, it's got an engineering twist (HAHAH...totally unintended pun) to it.

Laura Lohr said...

LOL. I started calling Eric 'turkey' when we first got together and the name stuck. Now, with his bluetooth phone, it does not recognize Laura, so he changed it to 'turkey.' When he calls my phone he says, 'call TURKEY!' I was not amused. :)