May 03, 2007

New PR...sortof

I'm getting good at this running at 7am thing...and I'm actually enjoying it alot! I put my podcast of the Dave Ramsey show from the day before on and I'm off. 3 miles has never felt so good.

Speaking of, I think I used to say "the first 3 miles suck the most". That's not my motto anymore.

My new motto is "I pity the fool"...because I'm a dork. I did pity the guy I smoked on my run yesterday morning. I actually said to him "you're gonna let a girl beat you?" That's when he gave up and started walking...snicker snicker.

At any rate, this morning I had the best time (pace) I've had in a while. Avg 9:11. And I never pushed it.

It's crazy to think of what I might be capable of when I finally decide to push it....

Until then, I'm keeping up with this 3 miles a day every morning thing...wonder how many days in a row I can do this???

After I wrote that I thought, well it will just be 4 days in a row since I'm getting my teeth pulled on Saturday morning and I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything after midnight. As much as I'd love to get in an early run before said extraction, I really don't want to run and not be able to drink water! And well, running after said extraction is probably not an option.

I got my body fat measured this morning at the gym. 17%. I think it's probably wrong but don't steal my thunder okay? It was 18% when I got it measured in San Diego. But if I just measure it from one of those handy charts it's 22%. I think the charts are misleading anyway. Or so I'm telling myself. Maybe I could just average all 3 for, I'm keeping 17%.

Have a great day!


Tim said...

Hope the weekend goes well and don't worry, you'll be back at it in no time!

miss petite america said...

17%?? that's awesome!

Firefly's Running said...

Wow! Great job!

matt262 said...

Keep up the great work!

Laura Lohr said...

I say you keep the 17%. You crack me up. You are flying! :) Keep up the good work!

Phil said...

9:11 is a great pace ... little wonder you can move that fast with only 17% Body Fat

Jess said...

I wish I could get up early and run -- congrats on the willpower.

Kurt said...

Good numbers!

I use to hate losing to a girl. Now I just try to beat the people using canes, walkers or otherwise half dead. It is tough being a sloth.

Your getting so good at your running!