May 23, 2007

Breaking Old Habits

So, today was another fabulous training run. Just 3 easy miles. Well, actually not 3 easy miles since I've averaged about 20 miles total for the last 3 months....3 miles hasn't been too easy. At any rate, it was 3 miles and I am determined to follow this training I woulda been happy with an average pace of 10:30 to 11 minute miles. But, I had this old habit (think prior to the last 3 months) of averaging about a 9 minute mile.

And old habits are hard to break.

I didn't average a 9 minute mile, but I averaged less than a 10 minute mile (9:58) without putting little (if any) effort into it.

I guess this means that as hard as I try to be an 11 minute miler, those days are long behind me :)

I can't wait to see my progress with 36 weeks (I want to be really really good this time) of training under my belt. One more 4 miler and speed work on Saturday (probably start off with 4 or 6 x 250's until I get back into the swing of actually having to work at this) to cap off my first official week back.

Have a great hump day!


Tim said...

Welcome back!

I forwarded your comments to my sister re: her graduation - she was very grateful.


jeff said...

it's AWESOME to see your workouts showing up on the btt home page again!

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job, Amy!