May 22, 2007

The Batchelor

I watched all season (sad, I know!). And the entire time I thought Andy Baldwin was a big dork. I mean a sponsored Ironman dork, but dork nonetheless. I swore that after this season I would never watch again.

Then he did it.

He picked the girl that I liked from the very beginning. So now I'm thinking about giving next season a shot.

Good job Andy.

Funny how reality tv will do that to you (or me).

Now if I can only wish Blake to win tomorrow, I might give American Idol another shot next season.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'll be so busy running that I won't have time to watch either one of those shows....7 miles into my training and I feel great :)


miss petite america said...

i am a reality tv junkie, but i cannot watch women fawn and squeal over 1 man. i mean hello! he was just kissin' on some other chick!

but as for AI, BLAKE! BLAKE! BLAKE!

jeff said...

donald stood in line for the porta-potties with andy at wildflower this year. kinda surreal. he said that people kept coming up to him and asking for photos. how un-nerving just before a big race!

and i liked your 26 reasons...especially because it contained discussion about disgusting bodily functions.

oh, and the shadow boxes. smsmh has made a couple of those for me and they go up this week in the newly re-organized office. yay for shadowboxes!

[starts humming fiona apple]