May 25, 2007

Addendum to Kids Running

The nephew mentioned below got his first pair of official running shoes yesterday:

Asics 2110's.

As soon as he put them on (after trying on numerous pairs of New Balances, Nikes, etc), he swore that he was already faster.

My sister called me last night to tell me that he spent all afternoon running laps around the outside their house.

A little runner in the making.

My brother called to tell me that the only award that my niece didn't get this year was the President's Physical Fitness award. But that she didn't get it for lack of running her 1/2 mile. That part she aced.

Another little runner in the making.

When I picked my nephew up from school yesterday he found my mp3 player on the back seat and asked if he could listen. It wasn't until about an hour later (of getting in and out of the car) that I realized that the only thing I had on their were podcasts of The Dave Ramsey Show. And that all he had listened to for the last hour was the Dave Ramsey Show! At 6 years old! I asked him if he knew he was listening to a talk show and he said yes, that he liked it....WHAT? How come I wasn't interested in Financial Peace at 6 years old????? He then asked me if I would put the shows on a cd for him to listen to at home!?!?!?!?!?! Later, my sister called to tell me that he had told her that Dave said to "sell the car"....

Okay so he didn't say that, but give him a few more years!

So, now I've converted him to not only wanting to be a runner but also to being a Dave Ramsey freak like me :)

I can't wait to have kid(s)


Kurt said...

This is why I love doing my 1 mile fun runs with my youngest so much. Anytime I can run with a kid it makes me feel good. I hope my youngest loves to exercise as much as I do one day.

Phil said...

You're really having an impact on our little planet!

Chris Thomas said...

Starting them young huh? That's great.