May 21, 2007

26 Reasons To Run Another Marathon

1. I liked the way that one muscle right above my knee looked after training for 18+ weeks.

2. When people would ask "what did you do this weekend?", it was always cool to say "i ran 15 miles....on Saturday morning".

3. Running long distances made the short run days seem like a walk in the park.

4. I didn't feel guilty about the amounts of peanut butter I consumed.

5. I miss the discussions T and I had about where we were going to have lunch and a beer (or two) after our Saturday long run.

6. I miss that Saturday afternoon beer.

7. I miss the early morning runs where inevitably either T or I would say "we've accomplished more this morning than most people will do all day".

8. Running a marathon in a cool place is not a bad deal.

9. Training for a marathon made me have more confidence than I ever knew was possible.

10. I need another race bib for my cube (think Dilbert) wallpaper.

11. I need to accomplish something.

12. I need to reconnect with my running peeps.

13. I like Vanilla Bean Gu. And well, eating it just for the sake of eating it is....weird.

14. Discussing the color of ones urine makes for a great post-run conversation. And besides, any other time it would just be gross to talk about.

15. My shoes don't look worn enough.

16. I told myself I would do it.

17. Did I mention how hot I thought my legs were after training for San Diego?

18. Because everyone needs a goal.

19. Because I need a reason to make another shadow box (I framed all of our medals and pictures in these very cool frames...when we actually get them hung, I'll post a pic! ***subliminal message for want to hang want to hang pictures)

20. I have a perfectly good training log that doesn't have one entry in it....yet.

21. Running gives me time to clean my brain, brain dump.

22. Running gives me time to listen to music or catch up on Dave Ramsey talk shows.

23. I have way more interesting blog posts when I'm training for something.

24. I need a reason to buy some new socks.

25. Because my blog really really really needs a new picture on it.

26. Because I can.

And with that, I am officially announcing that I will actually run the Tybee Island Marathon (well, it will be official when registration opens in July...but you know what I mean).

And I've added some other races that I plan on doing between now and then.

Wish me luck.


Tim said...

Great reasons Amy - congratulations - looking forward to reading all about it!

Laurie said...

Those are great reasons. I love how my legs look when I am running a lot too.

miss petite america said...

awesome post!

just what i needed.

Firefly's Running said...

Great reasons!

Phil said...

Congratulations for making the plunge on another marathon. It will be a blast reading your blog as you get into your training.