April 14, 2007

New PR

Yes, I've been MIA this's just been another crazy week of trying to work, run, get school stuff done, oh, and hang out with T. But, I did get in some running this week, thankfully, to include a fun (insert hint of sarcasm) little 5k this morning.

It all started when my alarm clock went off at 3am...and in my half sleep, half awake state, I hit snooze...

For 3 hours....

Yes, that's what I said.

Why didn't I just wake up, reset it to the appropriate get up time, and go back to sleep?

Oh, and there were 2 of them going off.

Not simultaneously.

So, I figure that I hit the snooze button on both of them combined an astounding 49 times.

And I never got up.

At any rate, that is how my morning started off....

Then on to the race. I wasn't sure of the course and the town seems pretty flat to me, so I wasn't so worried about hills. But, I guess from my affair with the alarm clock, I just wasn't feelin it this morning. I wasn't excited. I wasn't nervous. I was just. Blah. The only feeling I had was that I wanted to PR. And all I had to do was run it in 28:14 to accomplish that. And, well, that's kinda easy for me now.

As T and I stood at the start line I tried to focus...get in a groove...think positive thoughts. And then the gun went off, and we took off. Literally. T said he'd stick with me (thank you!!!) but I forgot to tell him that I wanted to start off easy...get into the swing of it...start off easy.

Before I got to mile 1 I had to stop and walk. I could not catch my breath and all I could think was "could I get a DNF for a 5k???" And yes, in hindsight I know that was a silly thought but that's what happens when there is lack of oxygen to the we stopped and walked for a sec or two or 40. And that is pretty much how the rest of the race went. We ran some. We walked some. We didn't say much. I kept criticizing myself (in my head) for not explaining the rules to T...for not drinking enough water...for not training like I should...for not turning off that stupid alarm clock.

Until I saw the hill. It was actually very unassuming. Not very big at all. But it was the first (and what I assumed to be the last) "major" hill. And I actually got a little excited. Because I remembered that as much energy as it takes to get to the top of a hill, it's energy I like to use. I get this kinda crazy rush like I'm super star and everyone is watching me climb this hill. I assume position and get my arms pumping, legs kicking, and never take my eyes off of the top. I'm usually pooped by the time I get to the top, but that's okay because I know that I have some recovery time, and that I WILL recover.

I don't know why I like hills so much. The only rationale I can come up with is that whatever is over the top of the hill is a surprise. It might be some flat ground, it might be another hill, it might be the finish line.

So, I was happy to get to that hill. And remember why I do this thing called running.

And, yes, when I got to the top of this hill, it was close to the finish line. But that wasn't my surprise.....

My surprise was that with all that griping and moaning about not starting out great, about walking, about criticizing myself...for all of that I was gonna PR. And not just PR. I was going to do it effortlessly, gracefully, and with a ton of energy still left. I did it with 22 seconds still left.

So what does all of this mean? That I should be running a 25 minute 5k effortlessly. And hopefully, on the next one (May 19), I will.

Have a great weekend.


Laura Lohr said...

You totally rock Amy! You are awesome. You inspire me that after your injury last June, you came back and started kicking butt and taking names.

Tim said...

Good job and welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the PR! And you seriously need to teach me how to love hills, because I hate them!

Phil said...

A suprise PR is always nice. You've got lots of potential to run lots fast.

Anonymous said...

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