April 18, 2007

Lots to Talk About....

What should I start with?

My fabulous 5 miles this morning, followed by an hour of weight lifting?

Or the Tour de GA that came sweeping through my town on Monday?

Or how great Troy is (because I haven't talked about that much lately!)

Or how much I want to be invited to read Tim's blog because I enjoyed reading it so much?

How about I'll just start with my fabulous 5 miles?

It was great. I'm teleworking today (or was...workday is over) so I could run at anytime I wanted to. I chose 8:30am. No reason except that it would give me an excuse to not take a shower until later...I know...gross. At any rate, I hadn't eaten either which made me a little nervous, but I figured I'm tough. I can handle it. And I did. And I actually felt good running on an empty stomach (note: 7 or 8 miles might have been pushing it on an empty stomach). I ran pretty even splits and never felt really worn out. My quads were sore from the speedwork Troy and I did on Monday (and oh how glad I am to be doing that again!) so I kept a pretty slow pace of around a 10 minute mile. The 1st hill I had my usual conversation with myself about how I'd just turn around at the 1.5 mile mark because I might need to eat or it might suck or something...but just as quickly as that thought came into my vanished. It probably helped that I was listening to a podcast of the Dave Ramsey show from yesterday. Oh, how I heart Dave! But all in all it was a great run. And I even came back and lifted some weights...imagine that.

I'm trying to work on the new and improved Amy. We'll see how it goes.

Okay, on to the Tour. I'd post some pics, but I didn't realize until after their last lap that I had a big giant fingerprint on my lens! So all of my pics are fuzzy...nice....maybe Troy's will turn out better. It was fun to watch those guys (and their nice legs!) come flying by. But the real highlight of the day was this: Remember when I was in California a few months ago and went to watch the last stage of the Tour of CA? And how I got to get my picture taken with Floyd? And how cool I thought I was? Well, that doesn't even compare to how cool I feel now! As we were walking through the expo, Troy noticed the "hip" from the picture of Floyd and I. I looked over and sure enough it was the Smith and Nephews guys who had brought Floyd to the Tour of CA. So, being funny, I walked over and said "You guys couldn't Floyd to come to Macon?" And I laughed...and all of a sudden this guy looks up with dinner plates for eyeballs and says "Hey I know you!" And I was like, "really????" And he said "Yeah, you were at the Tour in CA, right?" And I was like "Yeah????" He said "I remember you being there, with that Southern a matter of fact there was a magazine article that you were mentioned in"







I was totally feeling like I was the coolest girl at that race from then on out. The guy gave me his email address and told me to email him and he would send me the article. 3 days later and I'm still feelin like a rockstar. He also said that Floyd would be at the last stage on Sunday, so T and I are going to head up there. How totally cool is that?????

Finally, I will adjourn this post with a few things worth mentioning:

Troy is awesome. Not that he's done anything out of the ordinary lately. But he is just awesome every single day. I should talk about him more often. I like it when he blushes :)

Tim, would you please let me be invited to your blog? I really really really liked reading it!

What's left on the plate for this week? An 11 miler on Friday and a couple of 3 milers will close up the week. Oh, and a lot of traveling and some studying for finals. I'm a busy girl!

Hope you have a great rest of the week!


Tim said...

I'm sorry Amy - I had some abuse issues which forced me to restrict the access - am adding your email address as we speak.

I always appreciate your comments and enjoy reading your blog entries as well.

Please keep the Va Tech families in your prayers.

Tim said...

Would love to read the article!


Felicia said...

I only got a handful of the Tour shots of the women's race. I had to be at work when the men rolled in. You can see them on my blog.

Phil said...

Way cool Amy! You're putting Macon on the Global map.

Anne said...

Yes! Yes! Post a link once you find that magazine article. That is so cool, Amy.

Laura Lohr said...

You are such the rockstar. :)

You are kicking so much butt running lately!

Nikki said...

Oh how sweet about the article!

Rockstar :)

Have a great week!

Kurt said...

You should post the article I would love to read it.

Your a busy gal these days. Just keep at what you can.

OH by the way congrats on the fine race you ran.

WannaBe5Ker said...

How cool is that!