April 27, 2007

Letter to Myself, Part II: The Perfect Proposal

Dear Amy,

On Thursday, April 26 Troy will call you at work and ask you if you want to go to your favorite pizza place for dinner. You know...the one where you had your first date. You won't want to go because your tired and eating at home and laying on the coach to watch the Office sounds like a much better plan. But GO. I promise you won't regret it.

You'll order your usual...Village Veggie with no onions (of course, they'll forget and put onions on it anyway), add pepperoni. Troy will get his new usual, the a slice of white. You'll split that giant salad and sip on a couple of extremely cold beers. Troy will comment several times about how busy it is in there for a Thursday night. But, in all your naivety, you'll just follow along with an "I know...weird, huh?" You'll even start conversations about how many times you guys have eaten there over the last year and nine months, about how this or that will happen "if you ever get engaged", and how all the girls at work are driving you crazy with their "when are you going to get married????" talk. You'll bring all of these topics up on your own free will...

After your standard 2 beers, you will think its time to go, but Troy will ask if you want another one. You will politely decline while he makes his way to the counter to order another 420. He will come back and tell you that he's got to go to the restroom. You say okay, but don't really pay any attention because you are focused on analyzing the dynamics on the family sitting in front of you. For a few minutes anyway. Then it will dawn on you that Troy never orders a 3rd beer and you think that's a little strange. Just then you notice that the little boy at the table is fixated on something going on in the back of the restaurant. For a split (and I mean split) second you think this might be it...but then just as quickly you come to your senses and remember that you told yourself that you wouldn't jump to conclusions anymore. There had already been one too many incidents that looked like a proposal in the making, that just weren't.

And just as soon as that thought leaves your mind, you decide to see what that little boy is looking at....and that's when you will see Troy coming around the corner with a dozen roses in his hand. And Amy, this when you totally forget about proposals and start to think, did I forget our anniversary? You're crazy like that girl. You will get a big smile on your face and won't really know what's going on until he sets the flowers down and lies beside it a small blue box. When he drops down to one knee and there is a huge gasp in the restaurant you will just then be fully aware of what is going on.

He'll ask and then of course you will accept. With your hand over your mouth. For several minutes. Until you start crying and then you've got to use that hand to wipe away the tears. Good tears of course. And he will get confused because he's only seen you cry once before. You reassure him that you are indeed the happiest girl in the world!

Some of the people in the restaurant come over and offer to take pictures. You will still be shocked (actually at 6am the next morning, you will still be shocked). And oh, by the way, you've rubbed your contact into the deep anals of your eyeball so, you will be getting a one-eyed view of this ring. You will finally go to the bathroom to fix the contact and it is at that moment that you realize that this ring is huge. You will chuckle to yourself over and over again about how "freakin huge" it is.

You will find out later that it is a recreation of the Tiffany emerald setting. Only one of two emerald settings they make. And he had it hand-made for you! The diamond is internally flawless and you will be forever totally mesmerized by how much thought and time he put into designing this ring just for you!

You guys will both start to make the standard phone calls and no one (except Bryan) will answer. You'll leave lots of messages! Then you will leave and go to the hospital where coincidentally Troy's mom and your mom are both working. You'll surprise your mom first and then follow with Troy's mom! They will both be happy and you'll wonder if either will get much work done that night??? After that you guys will go home where Troy will tell you more about getting the ring made and how many times he was going to propose before and you blew it in one way or shoulda taken that 2nd carriage ride!!! Or at least let him get up and sing karaoke last weekend! But, in the back of your mind you will be so totally glad that you blew it before because this was truly the perfect proposal!

But more importantly than all of that, you will truly be the luckiest girl in the world. You know that what you've got is a one in a million thing. And that that knight on the white horse, the one your mom always talked about, well, he really does exist. You will lay in bed that night thinking about how the last year and 9 months have had more impact on your life than any other time in your life. You will have made so many changes during that time, and it will all be because he believed in you, motivated you, and loved you through it all. Don't ever forget that!



By the way, you will try to take these pics yourself at 5:30 am and they will come out horrible but you'll email them to the world anyway! You're excited!!!!!


Laurie said...

Congratulations Amy and Troy!

I got a little teary-eyed just reading about the proposal. I am so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

I have been a lurker for a long time now! But of course I had to respond to this post! I was actually wondering when you would get engaged too and I dont even know you!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!

I just got married 3 months ago...and you are right about finally meeting the RIGHT person! It makes the world a better place!

Enjoy your engagement and all of the planning that lies ahead!!!


Kim said...

Congratulations Amy! I too had been hoping that one of these days I'd read about an engagement. The ring is beautiful!! Does Troy happen to have a twin brother out in Seattle for me? ;)Congrats to you guys!

miss petite america said...

oh! my! effing! god!


i've been waiting for this post ever since i started reading your blog forever ago!!!!!!

i'm so happy for you!!

Tim said...

"There is no remedy for love but to love more."

Henry David Thoreau

Congratulations and all the best to you both.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Wowie, zowie! Congratulations to you both!

Beautiful proposal, what a great pair you are:-)

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Amy & Troy! I am SO happy for both of you!

Phil said...

Congratulations Amy ... it must be nice to be engaged to a true romantic.

Kurt said...

Wow Congrats Amy (and Troy). That was amazing. It is such a joy to see you making the next big step. You will make a beautiful bride.

Now go run.

John said...

The ring IS friggin huge! Good job Troy.

Congratulations Amy.

jeff said...

oh, congratulations to the both of you! so, have you guys picked a race to get married at?

Laura Lohr said...

Hand me a tissue already! Congratulations to both of you! I am so happy for you!

I hope you don't mind telling my own engagement story for a moment, but I did not feel like going either. I didn't have the right shoes, I didn't feel like going to the beach. Girls are funny like that, huh?

Congrats again!