April 02, 2007

Goals for the Month

1. Run 90 miles to include 2 tempo runs, 2 days of speedwork (for a total of 4 weeks), and a scheduled 5k (the Perry Dogwood Run/Walk/SKATE...T said we couldn't opt for the SKATE...dangit)
2. Don't skip any workouts. For real. For real. For real.
3. Finish this semester of school (the part that I am most excited about)
4. Learn to do something new (don't give me any suggestions, as I already have one in mind)
5. Have a glorious Easter but don't eat too many (or any) chocolate bunnies.
6. Limit eating lunch out to once a week.

I think that's enough for April.

Have a good April and a good week :)


miss petite america said...

some great goals amy! good luck.

Firefly's Running said...

Very cool goals!!

thatredheadedlady said...

Great goals - is the eating out 1x a week including me this week? Give me a call -

Phil said...

Great goals ... good luck (especially the one about the bunnies)

Tim said...

Good for you!