April 26, 2007

AM Running

So, I figured out this morning (well, actually yesterday I figured it out, but today I decided I loved it) that I can run BEFORE work. It's never really dawned on me because I can't run from home in the early morning hours, BUT I can run on base (it's the whole safety factor thing). Which would solve alot of a problems as described below:

1. I can't get to work on time. I get up with 3 hours to spare and I'm still late. I find too much to do before I walk out the door (like reading blogs). If I just got up, put my gym clothes on, picked up my pre-packed shower bag and headed out the door I might (with might being the operative word) get to work on time.
2. I can't run from home because its super-scary here in the pitch darkness. I'm scared of everything so it just wouldn't be productive to try and run from home.
3. I've tried the whole lunch-running thing which works most of the time. But, must I remind all of you Northerners that it is starting to get freakin hot here? Lunch is the hottest time of the day. And I suck at running in the heat.
4. The 2nd hottest part of the day is at 4pm. Which is my other optional running time. And lets be honest, by the time 4 gets here, I'm exhausted and just ready to go home and watch Oprah (okay, so I don't really watch Oprah but you know what I mean).
5. School doesn't rock so much. And it makes me stressed out and all this other stuff I don't really want to talk about. But it makes me not motivated to run. I don't know why.

So there are all of the reasons why it just makes sense to get my lazy behind outta bed, drive to the base, run my 3 to 5 miles, go to the gym and shower, and get to work on time (or closer to on time than I've been going). You're probably asking yourself how can I get there on time by adding a run if I can't get there on time with no run? Well, that's the genius of the entire plan. I get paid (yes, paid) to go to the gym or workout or doing some sort of physical fitness activity. For 3 hours a week. So, if I have to normally be at work at 7am. And I always get up at 5am (yeah, right). Then it figures that I could still get up at 5, be on base by 6:30 (because who are we kidding that I will still get out of the door without reading a blog or ten?), run for 30 to 45 minutes, then spend another 30 showering and making myself pretty. Then I'd have 15 minutes to get in my car and drive to the office. And be there by 8. Because I get that 3 hours per week. Do that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and I'm at least not a total slug. I can take Thursday as an off day and I'm off work most Fridays so I can run from home (still in the morning but after the sun comes up).

It's a genius plan really. And I put the plan in action this morning. I still got to work late but I got a breezy 3 mile run in this morning. And I got to see the most beautiful sunrise ever. I woulda missed it had I been in the office. I'm putting the plan into action again tomorrow. And I'm terribly excited about it in a very nerdy way.

In other related running news, you may have noticed that i took the Bridge to Ridge Marathon off of my list. I had to make the tough, but correct, decision to not run it. I'm lucky to be getting in 10 miles in an entire week with school, much less trying to find time to do long runs. I was just constantly beating myself up for missing my goals. But, then I had to slap myself a few times and realize that the goal is to graduate from grad school. That is my one and only focus right now, and for the next 3 semesters...

So for now, it will be 3 to 5 miles most days of the week....when I get done with school I give myself full permission to run my little heart out.

Have a great weekend!


Tim said...

Mornings are great for running. It gets the day off to such a great start!

All the best,


2ravens said...

I've been exercising at 0445 for years now. It's the only time of the day when I won't be busy, have appts., errands, etc. When your life is busy it's time to start watching sunrises...


WannaBe5Ker said...

GL with the switch to AM runs. I liked it when I did it. Now that it gets warmer I may start it up again. It's neat to run when the rest of the world is sleeping.

Bet that was a tough decision about the marathon, but I think once again that you are a smart cookie for lining up your priorities. You have many more marathons to kick butt in in your future.

Hang in there with all you are doing!