April 03, 2007

100 miles

Capping off a spectacular run on the treadmill today, I realized that I have officially surpassed 100 miles this year. (note to self: I should have accomplished this 2 months ago....)

One of my New Years Goals was to run 1,000 miles this year...

Considering my training for Bridge to Ridge is about 935 miles, I think I'll easily surpass that goal of 1,000 miles.



WannaBe5Ker said...

Woo hoo, you hit the century mark! Don't worry about when you should have hit it, you have had a lot going on, the important thing is that you got there now, and you are on the road to your next marathon:-)

Phil said...

hitting the 100 mile mark is an accomplishment. Once you back into full swing with your training, you'll hit 1000 miles with easy. You've got 9 months to complete 900 miles, with is only 23 miles per week. No problem.

Kurt said...

Let me know if you do sign up for the bridge to the ridge. I might do that one.

Glad your running well again. Keep at it.

RunnerGirl said...

Way to go My goal is to hit a lifetime mileage of 1500 this year - I am impressed that you are doing it in 1 year - it has taken me a long time! lol... but I know that I am getting back into runnin g- so I have had a slow start.

CONGRATS!!!!! And keep up the good work!

mtnrunR said...

very cool to accomplish milestones. good job.