March 18, 2007


No PR for the 5k yesterday. But we both finished in 29:10, which is still better than I thought we would do given the fact that the entire course was up one hill and back down another. I'm not kidding.

Good things that came out of yesterday's run:
1. I got up early and ran for once.
2. I realized that the neighborhood that we ran in (which is right across the street from where I live) would be a great place to train given all of the hills.
3. I got up early and ran for once.

6 days until ING and I am not prepared one bit. Well, I am prepared as far as I've got the shoes, I've got the legs, I've got the motivation. But, the training? Well, I don't have that. Oh well. I will finish. I'm sure of that. But I am pretty positive that there will be no PRs in it for me.

I'm having such a hard time committing myself to long runs. It seems like I just don't have an extra few hours in the day to crank out 10 or 15 miles. So, I settle with 5 or 6. Cause at least I'm running, right? I thought DST would be my friend but I've been so busy with other stuff that it hasn't really been helpful. So, yesterday I came up with a bright idea. I work a compressed work schedule, where I work 5 days one week and 4 the next, so every other Friday I have off. I'm going to try and start scheduling long runs for that Friday because I usually don't have anything else going on on that day. It will only be every other week, but it's better than not doing them at all.

I think I've settled on my next marathon. Ridge to Bridge Marathon

Have a great day!


Wes said...

I like the looks of that marathon! The only thing better would be ALL downhill!! Good luck making time for your long runs. Life gets in the way of the important things sometimes.

Phil said...

You didn't PR, but I wouldn't expect you this close to the ING. You got in the run you needed.

I took a look at your marathon selection. Looks like fun, but you'll need to build up your quads. Running down hill for 3000 feet sounds like fun, but it will give your quads a real workout.

Best of luck in your last week of training.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Ok, so no PR, but great time!!! I bet you will surprise yourself at the HM this weekend:-)

That marathon looks beautiful! Makes me almost want to try for a marathon (bite my tongue, let me get through the HM first). Looks beautiful, congrats on making that choice!

Kurt said...

I might just join you for that marathon. It does look fast but one that will tear up the quads but still could be a great BQ marathon course.

Good job on the PR.

Find a local running group. Go to and find the local club near you and they usually have group runs for the long runs.

Good luck on ING. You will do fine. Have fun!

Firefly's Running said...

SO sorry, Amy. Good luck on prepping for ING.

John said...

Ridge to Bridge looks beautiful!