March 30, 2007

Letter to Myself

Anne, over at Run DMZ posted a challenge for everyone to write a letter to their former self and hang on to it for safekeeping or post it like she did. I decided to post the letter I wrote to myself right before I entered highschool.

Dear Amy,

You are about to leave your safe haven of public school and venture into private Catholic high school. Don't worry about not knowing anything about being Catholic, being cool, or being in a clique. It will all come naturally to you as you become one of the most popular, prettiest girls in school. And yes, you will know it. As a matter of fact, your future spouse will tell you that you were a snobby, spoiled bitch in high school. But don't worry about that so much. He'll get his in the end.

You will make many mistakes throughout highschool. Your biggest regret will be losing that scholarship to Northwestern University because you chose to go party with friends instead of studying for the 2nd round of testing. You will not get along with Beckie during high school as you guys part going to be a snob and her going to be in her own little universe. But don't worry about that either because one day she will have a beautiful baby boy who you will adore and cherish and he will bring you guys back together. As high school progresses, you will not study very hard but you will still get okay grades. But, then why bother studying when you can have everything your little heart desires? You will become very self-indulgent and do things and put yourself in situations that are fearful at times. But, don't worry. This story does have a happy ending.

Once you lose that scholarship, college becomes even less interesting and you register at the local junior college just to get Mom off of your back. You eventually marry that jerk who once called you bad names and you guys live in misery for several years. You will have many jobs and make many mistakes during those years. Your biggest obstacle will be dealing with financial situations. It will be tough. You will pay your fair share of stupid tax. But don't worry. Mom and Dad will be at your side the entire way. You will owe them indefinitely for the things they did for you.

You will finally get your act together with school and receive not one, but two Bachelors Degrees. Your mid-20's will be a trying time for you as you discover who are and who you want to be. You will also finally get that monkey that is called a spouse off of your back. You will run and never look back. You will attain a great career and start to try and put the pieces back together. You will feel a sense of independence that you have never had. It will be a trying time, but it will be a fun time!

One day Jennifer will invite you to meet a friend for drinks. You won't want to go at first, but go! Really, I promise you will have a good time! And you will meet a knight on a white horse. Okay, so he will be a guy with shaved legs in a truck with stuff written all over it. You will learn later that he's a cyclist and that's its perfectly okay for his legs to be smoother than yours. He will show you that you have capabilities that have never been tapped into. The first year you date him, your life will take a complete 360 degree turn. You will learn to appreciate your body and take care of it. You will learn how to get out of all that financial trouble you put yourself in so many years ago. You will learn how to run (I know! Sounds crazy doesn't it?). But most of all you will enjoy each and every day of your life. Things will get better every day and you will often wonder how they can keep getting better. I am so excited that I want to tell you all the good things that are happening, but I digress as to not ruin the surprises!

Most importantly, Amy, you need to know that it will be necessary for you to go through all of the stuff that you will in high school and college to be the woman that you will become. Just be patient. You will get through it and your life will be wonderful. I promise.

Amy age 30


Anne said...

Thanks for taking up the challenge. I loved your contribution and would never have pegged you as such a young bride, nor a hard-core partier or snob. OK, maybe a big party girl.

My favorite line was how you described Troy! This letter really made me smile and laugh. Not easy on a very busy Friday wrought with work woes.

Tim said...

" need to know that it will be necessary for you to go through all of the stuff ... Just be patient. You will get through it and your life will be wonderful..."

Excellent advice to all.

Thank you.

Neese said...

aw. beautifully written, that probably felt good to get that out, i really should try it

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job, Amy.

miss petite america said...

great great letter. i don't know if i'm up to the same challenge...i re read my journal a lot as it is :)

RunnerGirl said...

What a great letter! You have inspired me. ;) The advise to yourself works for every single person!

Laura Lohr said...

That was a sweet, sweet letter!