March 11, 2007

Dave said "Sell the Car!"

First, this is a two-part post, with the first being totally unrelated to running. So, if all you care to read about is my running, or lack of it in some cases, then just scroll past all the other stuff.


As most of you know, I drank the punch that is Dave Ramsey a little more than a year ago. With so much debt I wouldn't even begin to talk about, I was fair game. Well, in that time I've paid off more than 50% of that debt, which coincidentally was about 75% of my income in that year. Yeah, I'm that serious.

Okay, so not as serious as I should be. Because about 50% of the 50% that's left is my car. My beloved Passat, that I purchased just before I met Troy (a self-professed punch drinker). Had I been dating Troy then, I am CERTAIN that I wouldn't have purchased a car that, at the time, cost as much as I made my first year out of college. But, of course I justified it because we all do. And although it's been in my debt snowball, it's at the very very very bottom.

I know Dave would have told me to SELL THE CAR! But, at the time, I just loved it's leather interior, sunroof, the way my butt fit perfectly in the seat. Well, Murphy (as in Murphy's Law Murphy) has decided to take his rightful place in the passenger seat of the car I love so much. Well, actually it's more complicated than that.

It seems that the government is out of money to continue to fund my graduate school education...imagine it's either get rid of the car and use the money I save to fund my own eduction, or pay for school and the car at the same time and extend my DEBT FREE day by several months. I've worked to hard to do that, so I'm...sniff sniff...selling the car. I'm a little sad, just because I like it so much. But, I'm sure a nice used Honda Accord or Toyota Camry will get my to and fro just fine. And my wallet will thank me later!

Remember when I said that I was going to make myself run 3 miles everyday just to punish myself for NOT running much the last two weeks??? Well, I did it. And I'm happy to say that by today, the last of the punishing miles, actually only the first mile sucked.

I'm so surprised how 2 weeks of not doing much put me so far behind. I feel like a total slug when I'm running and of all the miles only one of them was under a 10 minute mile. It's like all the progress I had made just got thrown out the window.

Well, now spring has sprung. Daylight Saving (no S) Time is here (sorry West Coasters...) and I couldn't be happier about my running prospects.

Tuesday night class has been cancelled, so I'm planning on doing a dry run of the half in 2 weeks. I heart doing long runs after work...I have no idea why, but I just DO! And I'm (and maybe Troy..he's kindof on the bench this week, so we'll have to see how his foot is feeling) running a 5k that's in my neighborhood on Saturday, the Cherry Blossom 5k.

And being the nerd that I am, I've already made a REAL training schedule THAT I'M GOING TO STICK TO after the half to prepare for a fall marathon. Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn't going to run any marathons until grad school was done..but well, I miss it....

So that's what's going on in my world. Today has been an awesome day complete with DESSERT (remember I gave up sweets for Lent so I sooooo look forward to the sugar free banana pudding from Jeanene's on Sundays), I got a nap and a run in, and Troy is using his handyman skills to install a new microwave over the new stove he bought while I was gone! This can only mean that I'm going to have a fantastic week!

Happy Running!


Anne said...

We bought a Passat and it's been quite the lemon. Costing us far more than the purchase price because it breaks down too often and it's always an electrical repair ($$$). Worst, the hubcaps are apparently primo property for theives. We keep having them stolen.

That's amazing that you've reduced your debt by so much.

WannaBe5Ker said...

Congrats on your ever-nearing debt-freedom, you are one motivated lady to tackle that much of it in one year, wow. Bravo on the car decision, must have been a hard choice, but I bet you are right, your wallet will be thankful:-)

GL with your new training plan, I still can't imagine running 3 miles a day every single day, so WOW! GL!

miss petite america said...

any girl who can say good bye to her sweet sweet v-dub is stronger than me. my golf is my baby...but it isn't NEARLY as pricy as the passat...

i'm totally impressed by the headway you've made in being debt-free!!

and good luck with the training...i'm sure we'll hear a stellar half-marathon report!

Wes said...

I think you've made a very wise decision. Those that fund expensive tastes through debt are just making life harder on themselves. When you graduate from college, with a smaller amount of debt, you will have that much more for yourself. Nice job on the "punishing" training session!

David said...

you are a financial freedom role model.
Good luck with the half in Atlanta.Maybe I'll see you there.

Kurt said...

We did the Dave Ramsey program also a while ago. Living debt free is so nice.

Way to go on the running. I expect you will do sub 24 on the 5K or we will have you do more hill repeats (yeah they suck so run hard and fast!).

Phil said...

You don't need to be a nerd to have a training schedule.

Congratulations on your debt reduction. That's simply amazing. I'm sure your butt will feel great in another vehicle.

Lesley said...

Wow, you're an inspiration, both on the dabt and on the running! Keep on keepin' on!

John said...

As you know, we took the "sell the car!" thing to heart, as well. Not that we could handle being a 1-car household, it would just be too much of a hassle. But selling the "new" car and buying and older one was definitely a good move.

Here's some advice on what we should have done, but didn't:

1) Sell your car yourself. Car dealers reek. Well, maybe not, they are just doing everything they can to make a profit, but just know if you sell your car to a dealer, you are probably NOT going to get what it's worth. Check out and figure out it's value, then sell it. Lots of venues for that around here: the base lemon lot, RFCU's bulletin, newspapers, etc.

2) Buy your replacement car from a private seller. See above for sources. And you know Dave's take on paying cash. Cash has power :)

3) Have your potential purchase inspect it before you pay the full cost. Leave a deposit or whatever, then take it to a mechanic you trust and have them check it out.

Hope you get a good deal, and a car that you enjoy!

Not to mention enjoying the benefits of a less expensive car!

jeff said...

amy, there is NOTHING better than being debt free and paying cash for virtually everything. good call on selling the car.