February 14, 2007

We've All Been Tagged

MN Firefly ( threw out the challenge:
"to submit a public message about someone that they adore or love"

So hear goes:

You-know-who-Troy is someone that I adore and I love because:
he makes me laugh
and makes me smile
sometimes he tickles me so hard i swear i'm going to pee in my pants
he even makes me dinner when i have class, or when i'm stressed out
he tells me i'm smart
and tells me i'm beautiful
and that he loves me
and he always says it like he means it
he has pretty eyes
and the prettiest smile
and the strongest convictions
he believes in what he belives in and won't change that for anyone
not even me
he's smart
and talented
and hot
he's completely unorganized most of the time
and that makes me just shake my head
he would drop anything to help someone he truly cares about
he doesn't like the word "deserved" and i often wonder what i did to "deserve" him
he makes me breakfast every single morning
and gives me a kiss to send me on my way
he won't let me feel sorry for myself
he thinks i'm a hot runner chick
i think he's a hot runner guy
he's always in my head
and one of us is constantly saying "get outta my head"
he makes me feel like i'm the luckiest girl in the world
and i'm starting to realize that what i have is one in a million.

he's not perfect
but he's perfect for me.

and on this Valentines Day, I exclaim to the blogger world:
"Tbt, I love you!"


miss petite america said...

if u guys weren't so danged cute, i'd hurl :)

happy v day, u 2 :)

Firefly's Running said...

Very cute post, Amy. Thanks for meeting the challenge. :D

Phil said...

Great Valentine's day post Amy and thanks for the posting the pictures yesterday.

Troy Tarpley said...

Man, who's got the big head now?! *smiling ear to ear*