February 12, 2007

Things That Make Me Lucky

Like, in Napaleon Dynamite "Lucky"

geez I love that movie. Just thinking about it makes me crack up.

But back to the topic:

Things that make me a lucky girl:
1. I get paid to run during lunch.
2. I get paid to run and shower during lunch.
3. I get paid to run, shower, and come back and eat my lunch.
4. I get paid to run, shower, eat my lunch, and read this note from T that was in my lunch box (hope he doesn't mind me posting it!).

"Seeing you study so hard sure is impressive. I know its not easy, but you push on. Then, you smile and hang out with me. You are [an] inspiration for anyone. And I love you for that too. You've got a good plan and should not let work sour it."

**That last part about work was referencing my "big" project that went south last week. I'm over it now. You win some, you lose some. I lost last week.**

**That first part was about the hours and hours of studying that i did this weekend (duh)**

So, that in a nutshell is why I'm so lucky (among 8 trillion other things that I could, but won't, list).

3 miles at lunch

Let's see if I can stick with a plan this week. I've got 2 midterms next Monday but I think I can squeeze a run or 4 in this week.

Plan is
Tues: speedwork (those 4 x 400s that I've been saying I was going to do forever...)
Wed: 4 miles
Thur: 7 miles (makeup from Sundays lack of running)
Fri: rest
Sat: 3 miles
Sun: 8 miles

That is so doable.


Tim said...

"Losing some" from time to time makes the victories that much sweeter I think.

All the best on your mid-terms and remember:

"Vote for Pedro"

Phil said...

Good luck with the 4x400s. Once you start, you'll get addicted and really start anticipating them coming up again on your running schedule.

Kurt said...

You will love those 400's when we work you up to 12 x 400's!

It is wonderful to run at lunch. I miss those days, oh wait I think I will do that today, the hell with work.

miss petite america said...

i would KILL to be able to workout at lunch! (although freelancing has given me that freedom, temporarily though)

Firefly's Running said...

You are definitely LUCKY!