February 19, 2007

Flying West

Well, I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for California. I'm not the least bit excited for this trip as I have already been to this place a million times. My only saving grace is that I won't have to go back for a very long time (unless I get promoted...and well, that won't be anytime soon). I'm also not excited because just when I think I can get my new school routine down, I'm uprooted to begin a new routine. I wish I weren't so obsessive compulsive about order. At any rate, I'm not sure what my blogging situation (or Internet for that matter) will be there since I have a new laptop that may or may not decide it wants to connect to whatever source of internetness I might (or might not) have. I think I'm staying on base so whether or not there are any amenities is always a sketchy thang.

If you've browsed my mileage log you will see that it hasn't moved much (or at all) this week. I've been so freakin busy trying to get packed (yes, it's an all week affair for me) and study for the midterm I have in less than an hour. Troy logged some miles yesterday, so I'm hoping he put in a few extra for me. The one good thing about going out of town will be no distractions so running everyday should not be a problem whatsoever. And it's all flat out there so it will be easy peasy running for me. Not much of a prep for GA ING rolling hills, but I'll deal with that later. Or never. Whichever comes first.

That's it for me. If I can at least get on to Breakingthetape than I will be able to post my mileage, but if not, I'll see ya when i get back. I will be sweets-free when I get back and I can't wait!

Have a great week (or two).

Oh, and in case I can't get online:


okay, maybe be a little sad because I won't be here to celebrate it with you :(


miss petite america said...

where r u going in cali? it's hilly where i live!!!

have a safe trip!

David said...

Amy .... I will see you in Atlanta. Thanks for the countdown cyber toy.

Firefly's Running said...

Have fun in California!

Phil said...

Have a great time in California. Hope you can get in a run or two while you're there.

WannaBe5Ker said...

I've not been by in awhile, you are back from Arkansas and bam! now you're off to CA! Cool you're training for ING GA HM!

Have a great trip, have fun running in CA, and GL GL GL with your giving up of sweets. The rest of us would give up a particular sweet, but wow, you sure don't do anything halfway!

Bon voyage:-)

Kurt said...

I spend about 15 min packing for a week trip. 10 of that is getting my running gear together and the rest is for that silly work stuff.

Enjoy the Golden State. Go to the beach and have fun.

Wes said...

Hi Amy! Came by because I was lookin for Georgia folks running in the ING Georgia Marathon/Half Marathon. I see some of my friends come by too :-) Anybody who runs and likes U2 is at the top of my list. Have a good trip and happy training.

Running by.... said...

Enjoy CA! See you on the flip-side!

jeff said...

wait wait wait. a trip to cali? and you didn't let us know? if you're in the area, let us know! i need any excuse i can get to have lori make her world famous lasagna ;)