February 07, 2007

Blame it on the rain

Or on the cold weather.

Because today it was sunny. 72 degrees. And I was full of life again.

So, now I know that I would never ever make it in Antartica. Or North Dakota. Or anywhere else that is cold and/or not very sunny. Add Ohio to that list.**

I was supposed to run a 40 minute tempo run. I've never done one before but from everything that I read, I should have warmed up for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then given it everything I had for about 10 minutes. And then cooled down for 15 minutes. Or so I read. But it also sounded like something I wanted to run on flat ground. Or at least my first time anyway. I had planned (all day mind you) that I would do this new run at 4pm. My last hour of work (and in case you haven't figured it out, one of the many benefits to my job is taking off 3 hours per week to workout). At any rate, this run was to commence at 4pm. Until I realized around 1pm that the nagging pain in my left eye was not an eyelash or a piece of dirt that I could not see, but rather a teeny tiny tear in my contact.

So, I spent the rest of the afternoon with one contact in. And one contact out. My next-door-cube-neighbor tried to fashion an eyepatch for me, made out of adding machine tape and a rubber band. Really. I wish I had a picture of her when she put it on and came around the corner going "ARGHHHH MATEY!" only to turn back around and run into another coworker who probably already thinks both of us are weird and unproductive. I chose not to wear the eye patch (thanks Clarita), but instead just walked around with one eye closed. And occasionally, would instant message Claire an "Arghhh Matey" to keep the jovial mood alive.

I love warm weather!

Where was I going with this? Oh, so I decided that instead of running directly after work, my first order of business was to go home and get a contact. Running with only one in would have been a sight, I'm sure....but if I went home I wouldn't have flat ground to run on. Or, heaven forbid I'd have to get back in my car and drive somewhere flat. I opted to run the 3 miles that I'm supposed to run tomorrow, today. And tomorrow, with contact sufficiently intact, I will try the tempo workout after work.

Geez, that was a long story just to say "I didn't do the tempo workout today".

But, I did do something that I have never ever ever done before (well, add im'ing "argh matey" and you will have 2 things I did today that I've never done before). The 3 miles from home consists of approximately 3/4 mile directly uphill, with 1 mile of flat ground, 3/4 back down hill, and then 1/4 mile up the worst hill ever (I've mentioned it before...numerous times I'm sure). At any rate, when I first started running it would take me anywhere from 11 to 12 minutes to surmount this first hill. As I got a little faster, I shaved off some time, but for the most part its taken me the better part of 10 minutes to get to the top. Until today.

I guess it was the sun beating on my back. Telling me to go, go, go. Or the fact that I didn't have school tonight. Or the fact that it just felt good to run for the sake of running. It was a combination of these things and the fact that running up the hill, with the sun on my back, cast a perfect shadow of me running in front of myself. I wish I had of taken a picture of it. It was almost like I wasn't running, but rather riding on the (my) shadows back. And she (the shadow) just kept getting faster and faster. And just wanted to run and run and run. So fast that she (and I) made it to the top of the hill in 9:10.

The fastest I've ever gone on that hill. And it felt so good. The sun. The nice temperature. My legs. My lungs. They all felt good. And I felt good. So good that I really wanted to do it again.

Okay, so for a sec I wanted to do it again. But the more rationale, sane part of me opted for the next mile of flat ground.

Anyway, it was just a great great short run. But one that I really really needed. I even felt so good that I came home and lifted some weights :) And I might make some brownies in a bit...or watch some tv, or catch up on blogs...who knows! The possibilities are endless. I guess this is the feeling people have when they say they are "drunk with happiness". Or did I just make that up?

**Please forgive me if you live in Ohio, or North Dakota, or Antartica. I'm sure they are nice places. Just not for me :)

P.S. Troy said blogs were more interesting with pictures. So here is the first of what I hope will be many more post-run pics. This is what I saw when I opened the front door a few minutes ago. Ignore the electrical wires. I thought it looked like the woods were on fire. Don't was just the sun setting on the other side of the hill.

Happy running!


Tim said...

Great job Amy!

Sometimes hills are your friend -


Tim (aka Popeye)

Kurt said...

Hills are good for you. More of them and that will also replace some of your speedwork.

I can't wait to be in spring myself either.

Your a lady pirate at heart!

teacherwoman said...

Temps are finally starting to rise here in ND! It's already -3!

Jeff said...

haha...texting "aaarrgh matey". you crack me up. i would poop myself from laughing if i'd been on the receiving end. or the sending end. i crack myself up more than i do other people. hahah

great job!

Firefly's Running said...

Great job, Amy! FYI, the temps are NOW ABOVE zero. Time for shorts!

Phil said...

Keep those Macon pictures coming. I miss the place.

Although you didn't get in your tempo, you did get in a good hill workout. Not exactly the same, but a good run non-the-less.

Anne said...

Just so you know, you save the "run like hell" for 5ks and intervals. Tempo runs are at a slighly slower "10k pace." You should be able to talk in short bursts, but only short bursts. Emphasis on maintain the pace and form.

That's your running lecture for today. Hooray for your hillwork!