February 13, 2007


So, I did them....I'm not making any claims that I did 4 consecutive 400's without any pauses (within the 400 itself). I also operated my watch like I was an idiot and only got the time for the first lap, and the time for the entire 4, which were 1:35 (way better than the first time I ever did this) and 8:31. I ran the first one without stopping. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th had brief 5 or 10 second pauses, where I stopped, walked for a sec, thought about how Troy wouldn't let me do that if he was here, and started running again.

I'm sure with time I will get better and faster. As a matter of fact, I'm sure of it. I ran my first 4 miles EVER in 54 minutes, and considering I'm averaging a 9:30 pace on an easy day now, I know I will get better at these 400's, or 800's when I'm really really good.

But, for now, I'm happy that I did it. Now the hard part will be convincing myself that I need to do it again :)

Hope everyone has a very Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!

Oh, and pics as promised. These are going to be titled: Spring is on its way!

View from the backyard: Not a good day to jump out of a perfectlly good airplane, but a great day to run!

1st sign of life!

2nd Sign of Life!

Yes, that says 70F and yes, that was today!


miss petite america said...

it's supposed to get to 70 today here too!

Running by.... said...

Thanks for reminding me that Spring is own its way. I can't wait!!!

Firefly's Running said...

**sigh** No fair! It's cold and windy and you guys have all of the warmth. Please share with the rest of us. :D

Kim said...

9:30 pace on an easy day!? Congrats! And 70 degrees!? I'm jealous! Can't wait for warmer weather. Then I can justify getting some new cute warm-weather running clothes! :)