January 18, 2007

What Will I do?

I've got 5 minutes to make the decision to take my one hour of physical fitness (thanks employer), or stay an extra 65 minutes until it is time to go home. Usually this is a no brainer. Who wouldn't leave work an hour early (and still get paid for it) to go run? Today, that person is me. And this is why. Check out that "current temp" 3:52pm (it's taken 2 minutes to type this?) (By the way, if you can't get to that link it is only 38 degrees here right now). At any rate, I skipped speedwork last night due to the sleet (yes, sleet folks). And now, my 5 mile run is in jeaporady. I'm just not used to this. I brought tights but no gloves, no ear muffs. Just tights, long sleeve top and mp3 player, cause really I didn't think it would stay this cold allll day long. It would make Troy feel better if I bailed out because then he wouldn't be an alone slacker, I mean procrastinator, I mean too busy to run. And you know, I always about making Troy feel better.

Stay tuned to figure out what I did, or in this case, did not do.


Tim said...

In the 20's here in the pre-dawn hours - gloves and warm suit a must - but you're wise not to go out in sleet etc

Firefly's Running said...

Oh come on, Amy! You can do it! You know you can!

Laurie said...

I'd wuss out too.