January 17, 2007

This Has Nothing To Do With Running

grape·vine (grpvn)
1. A vine on which grapes grow.
a. The informal transmission of information, gossip, or rumor from person to person.
b. A usually unrevealed source of confidential information.

As much as I love a good bottle of wine, this post is not about that...and this post has nothing to do with running. It's actually just a personal post that I feel like I need to get out on paper and put it to rest.

I work in an office. And you all know what goes on in an office, especially a cube farm. There seems to always be talk about this person or that...everyone's got a rumor running around about them, or a rumor waiting to happen. Even me. Unfortunately, my co-workers haven't shared the rumors they may or may not spread about me, but that's a different post for a different day. This is about the "information, gossip, or rumors" that I know about so many in my office. And some of them are soooooo scandelous. I was just talking to a co-worker today and one conversation about new information about co-worker A, lead to a conversation about the whereabouts of co-worker B, and oh did ya hear about co-worker C? Can you believe it? And before i knew it, we had singlehandly singled out so many peeps in my office I did start to wonder for a sec what the rumor was about me. But, that's not what this post is about. I started to think that I may have heard a rumor or gossip about almost everyone in my office (almost 40 peeps).

And then I started to feel bad. Well, I started feeling guilty (and yes, guilt is a feeling when you've done something wrong...gossip is wrong). I started to wonder where my productivity was going. And would it all just come to head and boil over where everyone was shouting at everyone else about the true or false information spread about. I just started to think, when did I become so judgmental? Maybe I always have been. But when did I stop worrying about me, and start worrying about what everyone else is doing in their life. And why do I care so much?

I don't have the answer to any of those questions. But, I can fix the situation. Well, for me anyway. So, today, Wednesday Jan 17 2007, I hereby pledge to smile politely when someone tries to engage in gossip and say "I'm sorry I've really got to meet this deadline". I also pledge to keep rumors that I hear over cube walls, get sent in emails or receive in IMs to myself in the office (that does not preclude me from talking to Troy about it...I mean I do work in a real life episode of "The Office" and I shouldn't punish him, right??...I'll have to rethink that one). But I do solemnly swear before all of blogger land that I will stop the cycle, at my cube anyway, and spend my hours being productive with my brain and my computer rather than my mouth (no comments from the peanut gallery...I totally understand that that last sentence could be misconstrued as something nasty but I can't think of anything else to say). That is my vow to you.

Don't you feel better when you get something out? Yeah, me too....


Laurie said...

I prefer blogs that include aspects of the athlete's personal like as well as running. I connect more with that person. You should never feel like you need to justify any talk about something other than running.

Great idea to stop gossiping. It is so hard to not gossip and not be interested in other people's lives. I wish you the best. Maybe starting with you, your office environment will change.

miss petite america said...

wow. i'm impressed. every year i tell myself to stop being so gossipy. especially when i feel the sting of "what do these people say about me behind my back". but what i've always found hard was drawing the line between talking about someone and then TALKING about someone, you know in the bad way.

well good luck to you and let me know how you conquer the gossip demons. it's a lesson we could all probably learn.

Firefly's Running said...

Totally agree with you. Gossiping is SO addicting and can be harmful for my mental health.

Jim said...

Interesting post. Isn't it amazing how things turn when we decide to grow up and become responsible (gasp) adults (double gasp)? Gossiping is a good vice to dump . . . it almost always hurts more people than just the "gossipee". Bravo on taking a stand.

BTW . . . did you hear about . . . . just kidding! :)

Tim said...

Good for you...

Your thoughts are a great reminder that resolutions aren't only for New Year's Day.