January 15, 2007

Things to be thankful for....

I know it's not Thanksgiving, but I was running today and thinking of all the decisions that I've made (as an adult) that I am truly thankful for.

Deciding to lace up a pair of ill-fitting trail running shoes and run 4 miles over a year ago is one of those decisions.

1 year 2 months and 26 days ago I made that decision.

In that time, I've loved running, hated running, broken my foot, torn my perneal tendon, had shin pain, had IT band pain, run one marathon, 2 halfs, a couple of 5ks, and logged over 500 miles, all with being sidelined for over 3 months in total.

Today, I added 5 more miles to the list.

It's a good feeling to be back on track and in control of my running.

Plan for this week:
Tuesday lunchtime Pilates
Wednesday speedwork
Thursday 5 miles and evening Yoga
Friday 7 miles
Saturday rest
Sunday 11 miles

Splits (I heart this watch soooo much!)
1- 10:35
2- 9:49
3- 10:31
4- 10:00
5- 11:18

Have a great week!


Laurie said...

Every day is a day to be thankful.

Jim said...

Laurie is correct. Every morning before my feet hit the floor, I thank God (yes, capital G, in case that may offend some) for another day, another chance to do something with the gift I have been given. God's version of a mulligan.

Running is one of those things that I am thankful for and that I try to use to become a better person.

I have learned that we need to be thankful for and enjoy what we're given while we can. This life is short and we all be held accountable for what we've done one day.

Sorry for the philosophy . . . just in one of those moods!

Phil said...

Good to see you out running again on one day's rest after you last 1/2 marathon. You can also be thankful for how strong you've become. I now I'm amazed.

miss petite america said...

all you people and your fancy splits almost make me want to get a watch...but then i'd have to figure out how to use it!

Kurt said...

Wait til Troy buys you a the GPS with the heart rate monitor. Then you will go even more ga ga. I love it!

Good workout plan. What kind of speed work are you doing?

Laura Lohr said...

You are awesome! You have overcome so much!