January 19, 2007

So, I didn't wuss out

After I posted yesterday, I went outside to see what 38 degrees feels like...and wasn't that bad. And when I got down to my car I did have my gloves, so there was no other excuse I could find NOT to run. So, I did. 5 miles. And averaged a 9:36 pace...can't recall my splits as I went a new direction and wasn't sure where the mile markers were. I guess I was just really really cold and wanting to get it over with. I'm alot stronger than I give myself credit for.

On to today. 7 miles. Really not sure if that will happen, although the weather seems to be cooperating today. But last night, after spending a couple of hours making Cheese Tetrazzini, Chicken Divan, and Banana Pudding for a coworker who just lost a child, I decided to make T and I a grilled cheese and some soup. And one of the handles of the metal pans I was working with was hanging ever so slightly over another burner. So, when I picked it up it was, well, I'm guessing about 900 degrees. And I actually picked it all the way up...threw it down...shouted some profanity that I NEVER use, and burned the stew out of my hand. All the while, T was trying to get ready to make a 6 hour trip to Tampa for this (he was the 2005 winner!). So, he tried to console me, help me, dry my eyes (it hurt so bad that I actually cried!). I also told him that I can't imagine what someone with 3rd degree burns all over their body must go through...this was just my hand and I thought I would be better off dead (or handless). So, after doing some internet research we soaked my hand in ice water, then found out that that was a bad idea, so I put some lotion on it, cried some more, and slept off and on all night long. And I still haven't made it to work, because 1) I didn' t sleep well at all and 2) I'm scared to put my hand under water in the shower. But, if I can tough it out in 30 degree weather to run, I can certainly eek out a shower, right? I'm still not sure if I can tough it out for 7 miles tonight, but we shall see.

have a great day!


Tim said...

Sorry to hear of your accident Amy. Burns are painful enough but even worse I think when it's on a part of the body that's constantly being used.

For some temporary relief, you might try some lotions specifically designed for sunburns. Typically they contain aloe vera which is nature's own balm.

Hope you heal quickly ...

Laurie said...

Ouch. I think you deserve the day off from running after toughing it out yesterday and being paid back for that with a nasty burn.

Firefly's Running said...

Great job on the run!

miss petite america said...

omg how are you even typing?!?!

r u sure it isn't bad enough to have a doc check it out? don't know if there's any concern for infection or whatever.

heal up quickly though!

Neese said...

gosh i am so sorry to read this! are you OK now? keep us updated