January 30, 2007

No Pity Party Here!

Another day. Another 3 miles. And Yes, I am aware that I said yesterday that I'd run 5 today but here's my excuse: I ran 3 miles indoors yesterday. I made it another 3 miles today INDOORS (I don't know how you peeps that live in arctic climates survive the winter running indoors!) Tomorrow was supposed to be 3 miles. I don't have school tomorrow. Actually, my only plan (other than work) is to get together with some co-workers and have martinis. So, that means that I will be able to run outdoors. Why waste 2 perfectly good miles on looking at the gym walls? So, executive decision was made to switch today and tomorrow. Besides, I mapped out this awesome new route that I'm dying to try out tomorrow.

When I was running my 30 laps today (no, that was not a typo...the track is 1/10 of a mile) every now and then I could hear thud-thud-thud coming up behind me...then backing off...then disappearing...then thud-thud-thud...this routine went on for at least a mile. I finally moved over one lane thinking that maybe I was holding the only other person insane enough to run this many laps on such a small track up. Then I hear an angel from behind me. This is what he said:

"You're not in my way...actually, you've got a great pace going so I'm just trailing you"

Me? Great pace? Someone actually trailing me? Me? And not even able to keep up the whole time? Keep up with me? (and yes, Troy, in my best Kyle in-my-head-voice I said "really?")

I was stunned to say the least. I only had 3 more laps to go. I wish I had of known this little tid-bit 24 laps ago. It would have boosted my ego and I may have decided to do the whole 5 miles on that itty bitty track.

So, I ran the last 3 laps like I was a rock star. He dropped off on the last one....


I left him in the dust on the last one.

After he brushed the dust off, I told him that a little over a year ago I couldn't run a solid mile either. But, since then I've run 2 half marathons and am getting ready to finish my second full marathon. His mouth just dropped in awe (like he had really seen a rock star) I also told him that I run there on Mondays and Tuesdays, and that he could join anytime, thereby committing myself to makin it happen every Monday and Tuesday.

Have a great day.

5 miles tomorrow. For real.

Oh, and about that pace? 9:23...not bad for a girl who can't run very fast.


miss petite america said...

THAT is freaking awesome! though for me knowing i was leading would make me super paranoid and there is no possible way i could have enjoyed a run...

Tim said...

Great job!

Firefly's Running said...


Phil said...

There you go making friends again.

Nice run at the gym. I hate running inside also. Have a martini for me.

jeff said...

yay rockstar! have fun on your outdoor new route.

runliarun said...

A litle less than a year ago I could not run an entire mile either. To be honest, I coud not run, period. I did two halfs since, but a full marathon is still far ahead.

Yes, that was indeed a feel-good kind of workout. Was he cute?

Kurt said...

Be very careful on those indoor tracks. That constant turning puts a strain on the knee and sets you up for a possible knee or ITB issue down the road.

Way to kick some male's tush!

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