January 24, 2007

Morning Rituals

I have discovered that in the time it takes my coffee to brew in the morning I can pack lunch, and do 50 crunches and 10 pushups. I've always packed lunch...then stood around thinking "why didn't I prep the coffee the night before?" while it drips drips drips...Now, I don't have to think about that because I'm busy shooing the cat away and thinking "I should really not be this tired after only 10 pushups." I've started my new routine and completed 3 whole days. 18 more days to make it a habit (it takes 21 days to form a habit).

I'm starting this new routine because people tell me all the time that I'm thin. And I guess I am. Size 4 pants, sometimes 2. Weight is totally overrated, but if you must know I hover between 122 and 124. But, underneath my clothes I feel sorta chunky (and I would like for that scaled to say 117). Well, not chunky, but toned is a better way of putting it. I like the part where my knees meet my thighs. I don't have cankles (thank goodness) although T swears I do sometimes (jokingly of course). I like my forearms, but not my biceps. The front part of my legs, but not the back. My back, but not my butt. I wish I could just airbrush all the imperfections away. BTW, I think that's called lyposuction of which I will have no part in...I should be able to fix my imperfections the old fashioned way. By hard work and diligence. So, I'm taking baby steps to zone in on those areas that I wish would go away. Starting with crunches and pushups. I am hoping to step it up next week by adding weights or something...but I'm just taking this one day at a time.

I have realized that boyfriend + school + work + family + social life + becoming the best runner girl I can be + eating + sleeping + laundry + trying keep a house clean enough that I won't have an anxiety attack over it + taking down the Christmas decorations* + anything else life throws at me = is alot on my plate. I have started to say no. For example, I was asked to join the Optimist Club (and you know how much I like to volunteer!) and I actually declined, stating that at this time school was my first priority and until that was done, I could not tackle any more challenges**

But, that still left the thing that bothers me the most. The fact that I don't go to the gym like I should or run as much as I would like to. So, that is what led me to the crunch/pushup challenge. I'm hoping that this will blossom into a healthy relationship between me and the weights, or further the interaction between me and the gym. We'll see. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.

In running related news, after my meltdown last week over being so far behind in school, I did what I do best: I made a schedule. I am currently still not caught up, but am anticipating caught-upness will occur on Friday around 4pm (give or take 30 minutes). I feel much better now. But, in a scramble to get 'at least my homework for Monday and Tuesday night classes' I did not run. Not one single bit. Didn't even take my running shoes out of my closet. But that's all gonna change in less than 4 hours. I'm back on the upswing and have 4 easy miles planned at 4pm today. I'm looking forward to the release. I've become such an addict.

Tomorrow is speedwork (4 x 400's with 90 sec jogs in between...who am I kidding...that 90 secs will be utilized by huffing and puffing trying to catch my breath and i may even lay down on the ground a time or two). Friday is 8 miles. Saturday will bring another loverly 4 miles. And then Sunday will be a long run of my choice. 17 is on the schedule that I've totally screwed up now. 11 is what I missed last week. But I just ran a half with relatively little pain, so I'm thinking somewhere in the middle...maybe 14 or 15? We'll see.

*This was added as a reminder to Troy that although we do live in Georgia, and I (not him) may be characterized as a redneck (by my speech ONLY!), we collectively are not rednecks. Leaving the icicle lights hanging on the house one month after Christmas, is going to qualify us for redneck status, or at the very least lazy lazy people. :)

**I did sorta volunteer without even thinking about it. It was a total accident and I don't think I was aware of my actions. I received an email asking if anyone would like to coordinate a 5k walk/fun run for a professional organization that i belong to. Without *even thinking about it* I replied to the email "sure! Yeah! Where do I signup!?!" I am addicted to many things (running, scheduling making, list making, organizing, etc) can add volunteering to that list :(


Laurie said...

Yes, girl, you are thin. But I understand the desire to be toned and buff. Great idea to do crunches and push-ups while waiting for your coffee to brew. This is especially important now that your schedule is so full.

Firefly's Running said...

Being strong on the outside is just as good as the inside.

RunnerGirl said...

It is like you ar emy sister - only weighting 100 lbs less! ;) I too am a list maker, adn even at my thinnest (size 6) I was not happy because I too felt over pressured with school/life balance, and like certain parts of my body, but not others.

You did the right thing posting about this. You need to sometimes let it all out in order to really get to what is really going on.

I completely understand the desire for buffness and tone. And you are on the right track with your challenge! How great!

Also - chec out the Firm - they have some great DVDs which focus on little time, but great results.

I laughed so hard at the schedule comment - I am the exact same way!

Have a great week... sister!