January 14, 2007

Half Marathon Report: Robins Museum of Aviation

Yeah! I made it!!! All the worry that I had about being sick and not being able to run (or finish) was pointless! I coughed twice and my knee started giving me trouble around mile 11, but other than that, I was way more prepared than I had originally anticipated.

Did you know (or want to know) that I actually figured up how slow I had to run to make it in at 3 hours? I was really that scared. I had completely given up on PRing and just went with a goal of making it in under 3 hours....that's so sad....

Well, not only am I excited to report that I finished, but I also PRed!!!!! By 5 whole minutes!

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Sunny...high around 75...unusual for us at this time of year. The course was pretty boring. Since it ran basically around either the course that I normally train on or the course that I drive to get to the office every morning, there weren't too many surprises. We did run the majority of it around the flight line which was interesting since I have never actually run in that area....but other than that, I just kept thinking about all those full marathoners who had to run the course twice! No thanks!

Troy and I met up with 2 of his friends at the start and all agreed to stick together. That was fun as they chatted most of the time and helped the time pass. They were also more than enthusiastic to take a one minute walk break every mile (I was really really worried that I wouldn't finish so I thought if I walked every mile, or through the aid stations that I would be helping myself...and I guess I did!) At any rate, it was nice to stick with a group. We all stuck together until around mile 11. That's when my knee started giving me trouble and I knew if I slowed my pace I would end up walking it in...I did't want to do that, and I knew at that point that I was on track to finish with a PR so I kinda dropped Troy....I don't like saying it like that...he finished 2 minutes after I did. My dad and Pete were waiting at the finish line taking pictures and cheering us all in, so that was nice as well!

After the race we had lunch and drove to Savannah to finish off the weekend, drinking good beer, hanging out with Troys cousin and wife, and doing lots of sightseeing (much walking included). So, needless to say I'm exhausted!

All in all it was a nice, uneventful definitely made me realize that I have this running thang down now and can stop worrying about whether I will finish or is time to get back into my training and stop whining about being busy, or whatever...only 69 more days until GA ING. Yikes!

And thanks to my Christmas present Troy got me (new watch!) I can record my splits:
1- 9:57
2- 9:57
3- 9:49
4- 10:04
5- 10:37
6- 10:20
7- 10:06
8- 10:33
9- 11:05
10- 10:11
11- 11:58 (can you tell when my knee started hurting???)
12- 11:53
13.1- 11:29

Overall Time 2:18:21

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Tim said...

Congratulations on a great finish!

Runner Susan said...

YAY. Congrats on the PR Amy.

Phil said...

Congratulations on your PR Amy. It even sounds like it was a little warm for your best race. Hard to believe that you had a broken foot 6 months ago. You're ready to rock in 2007.

Kurt said...

Good job there! Anytime you get a PR especially when it is warmer that is great.

miss petite america said...

holy crap, you're fast!

congrats amy!

Laurie said...

Awesome job Amy! I love that you feel slightly guilty for leaving Troy in the dust. But you each run your own race. I am sure he didn't mind.

Jim said...

Congrats on the PR!

Remember . . . this is the south. Wait another day and the weather will change (again!).

Sarah said...

That's a rockin PR! Congratulations!!!

Laura Lohr said...

WOW! A PR? That is awesome. I am so proud of you!