January 11, 2007

Call off the search dogs....

I'm not missing.

I promise.

Ask Troy...I've been talking his head off non-stop (well, except when we're not around each other...oh...well, then i call him and talk his head off). At any rate:

I've been SICK

And I NEVER get sick...well, not like this anyway.
Last report was that I was feeling bad...but nothing I thought I couldn't handle. Well, after one day of it, I couldn't handle it anymore and had to call in the big guns (ie, antibiotics). It was a one-dose thing (liquid Z pack) and i've felt okay since then. I thought I would feel GREAT by now...but still just okay. I've been a functioning-sick though, going to work everyday (except Friday) and started school on Monday.

Some observations about Grad school (working on my MBA).
1) why all the homework? i thought tests, papers, and that's it. i was so WRONG.
2) i'm actually way more interested in my classes than i had initially thought i would be. i mean i am taking operations mgmt and managerial accounting...not the most interesting topics to most...but to me...well, i'm kindof excited about it (don't tell anyone though, okay?)
3) how come this stuff seems to make so much sense now...and in undergrad it all seemed very greek and fuzzy?
4) i am the nerd that i truly thought i was.

So, with sickness + school = one girl who is supposed to run a half marathon on Saturday and hasn't run a lick. really. not one lick. (btw, that statement kindof grosses me out). Today, I felt ready. Just 3 miles. Warm my legs up for Saturday. But, then I was still kinda hacky all day. So, i made the executive decision to table all running until Saturday. I mean, really, is 3 miles really gonna help me at this stage of the game anyway? And besides that, ask Troy when the last time he ran and you will know why I'm so okay with all of this.

Funny part about all of it is that I remember a time when a mile was tough. When 5 constant miles was impossible. When I wanted to quit. When I never ever thought I would be a "runner". But then I remember when I ran 8 and shook my booty cause I thought I was somebody. Or when I would say "can't stay out late...gotta train". Or when Troy and I would get up and run for 4 solid hours on Saturday. Or when I finished 26 and still had energy. I remember all of those times, not really like they were yesterday, but like they were last month. And then I think about Saturday. My second non-training half. And I think it's gonna be sooooo easy. I mean, I know it's gonna be cold and my legs are prolly gonna hate me for a time or two or three and I'm prolly not gonna PR, but I don't care cause FINISHING 13.1 miles is so easy. I don't know when I started thinking like this. I didn't know that I ever would. Cause, I mean sometimes 3 miles still is hard. But when I was leaving work today (i'm off tomorrow...lucky lucky me), some of my co-peeps were saying "good luck" and "if you can't make it it will be okay" and stuff like that. And I was like, huh??? Not make it? Me? Sheeesh...It's only 13 miles....

P.S. I made that last statement in the most annoying nanny nanny boo boo voice ever.

P.S.S. Today, I attended an optimist club luncheon as a guest of a fellow runner and when everyone would ask me how I knew Jim I got to proudly say "Oh, I'm a runner too". and yes, I said that PROUDLY.

Happy running ya'll. Will post the post half results on Monday (sorry, we're leaving the race and going to Savannah...and yes, I said that in my most annoying nanny nanny boo boo voice too :))


Laurie said...

Hooray for liking school! It is fun and interesting and lots of hard work. I am sure you will do wonderfully.

Good luck with the half marathon! I hope you feel better and can rock those 13.1 miles.

Phil said...

I had a great time going to school for my MBA ... I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. Hope you feel better very soon.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck on Saturday. Hang in there with the schooling. I love it myself.

miss petite america said...

besides the sickness, it looks like 2007 is starting off perfectly! :)