January 24, 2007

4 Miles and Beyond

First things first: I am accutely aware that the post I made earlier was just a feeble attempt at a pity party. But, in my defense, I REFUSE to be one of those girls that says "does this make me look fat?" or "I think I've gained 5 pounds, do you think I've gained 5 pounds?" And so, in my desperate attempt to come to terms with whatever this is that's bothering me so much, I decided to blog about it. Cause, hey, it's my blog and I reserve the right to write about whatever I want. And in turn, you reserve the right to not read it. Okay? Glad we got that out of the way.

On another related note, I did make it out for that 4 miles. It was easy. So, easy that I averaged a 9:21 pace. My splits were screwed up as I started at a different place, once again. But, hey. Did you read that correctly? Yes, you did. 9:21. I don't think I've ever done that. Wait, I KNOW I've never done that before. It's funny because I basically run the same route over and over, mildly changing where I start or where I turn around, etc. I've run this route so many times I'm sure I dream about it. So, as I get faster and faster I start to wonder if maybe I missed a turn or something. That is impossible as it's just one big loop, but I just always have to stop and mentally back track just to make sure that I didn't miss a mile or something. I think that is very cool.

I've been telling only takes 21 days to form a habit. Form those athletic habits to get the body you want. I think I'm gearing myself up for this: clickhere. It's the Get Motivated Seminar in Atlanta. I'm mildly excited about the prospect of beginning my morning commute at 4:45am, only to find out that I left way too early and beat the rush hour traffic, but if I had of waited and left at say 6:00am, I would have never made it by 6:45 to get the tickets from will call. Cause I somehow volunteered myself to pick up the tickets for all 15 peeps in my office who may or may not be as excited as I am. I wished today that I could have backed out, all the while my coworkers had one good excuse after another to get out of it....but, me, I gotta pick the tickets up. Damn volunteering! At any rate, I think it will be okay. I think I'm a pretty motivated person, so I can't possibly see what they are going to tell me to make me more motivated than I already am. If they tell me how to better organize my time to continue on my path of motivation...well, then I'm all ears. But, I see a lunch break and a certain someone (no name mentioning here) that gets lost in the parking lot and can't seem to find their way back into the World Congress Center, and so they decide to go to Bloomindales instead....cause she CAN remember how to get there....

Or, if my supervisor is reading this, she will find her way all ears...and even submit a one page synopsis of all the motivating things she learned in this endeveour (and maybe I'll learn how to spell endevour in the process :)

Well, its 7:30pm and getting close to my bed time (did you remember that I said I have to LEAVE at 4:45 tomorrow?????)...that is so sad...

Speedwork tomorrow. I'll post my splits.

Have a great evening.


Tim said...

As a life long morning person, I will tell you there is something uniquely special and serene about rising long before the sun peeks above the horizon.

Enjoy the solitude of the moment but be careful, it's addictive!

Laurie said...

Congrats on running at a faster and faster pace. That must feel great.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome pace!!

Liv said...

Wow... you are getting so fast!

RunnerGirl said...

Way to go on that lightning fast 9:21 pace! Wow!!!!

Hey - it is your blog and you can post whatever you want here! I lvoe reading it all.