December 16, 2006

Retirement Ceremony: Today at 2:00

The Reeboks are officially being retired today. Actually they got retired at 9:45 this morning, but the official ceremony, the one where I spit on them for making the side of my right leg hurt, happens at 2:00 today.

I ran in the Landreths on Wednesday and all was well in the land of leg pains. So, I decided to do my own unofficial scientific study today and run 4 miles in the Reejects...I mean Reeboks. And, as I had hypothesized, around mile 1.5 my leg started to hurt, and by mile 3 it hurt just as much as it had more than a week ago. Lucky lucky me. Since I knew what the culprit was, and how to prevent it in the future, I continued my short run, albeit at a slower pace. So, Reeboks out. Asics back in.

As far as the run goes, minus the pain, it was actually a great run. It's been a while since I've done the out and back from home. I've been doing more and more running during the day on my lunch break, and less at home. Thank you daylight savings time. But, this morning, as I lay in the bed thinking about what needed to be done today, I knew a run had to take priority. But, oh how I hate the big hill about a 1/2 mile into the run. The one that is a constant incline for at least a 1/2 mile. I hatey-hate-hate it. And even more so, is the other hill that lasts for at least another 1/2 mile, and coincindentally is the last 1/2 mile towards home. I hate it more. Because mid-way through it I have to stop and cross a busy street. And it makes my legs cry and scream to just stop it. So, as I lay in bed this morning I dreaded both of those hills. But, I knew what had to be done so I did it.

And funny things happened. The first hill...well, I hated it as much as always, but I think I hated it more because it was during the first mile and my legs weren't warm, and I wasn't warm, and not so much because I couldn't breath, because my breathing was fine. Even thought I hated it, it was like the hill and I had come to an understanding. That I would always hate it because it was so early in the run, but that it would always be there to keep me challenged. So, now we have a sortof-love-hate relationship with each other.

But back to the run....When my leg really really started to hurt at mile 3, I decided that if I could make it back to the last big hill I would give myself permission to walk up it. Well, just from the crossing the street part, which is about 1/4 mile into that 1/2 mile hill. But, today, as I stopped at the crosswalk, looked both ways, and darted across the intersection, I thought "this isn't so bad, I'll just run til it hurts". And I ran past mailbox #1, and mailbox #2, and #3...and then when I was one mailbox from home, I thought "this is really weird...this doesn't hurt at actually feels good..." So, I decided to sprint from last mailbox to my mailbox, so I would at least come in out of breath and look like I had been doing something....

4 miles just like I said I would do.

Have a great weekend...

P.S. The ice after made what reisdual pain I had virtually disappear :)


Phil said...

Welcome back from the dark side Amy. I just love my ASICS. My aches and pains are all age related and not shoe related.

Best of luck to running pain free.

miss petite america said...

man you're running luck is so good lately, can you spare some?!

i too am an asics lover. have fun with them!

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL! How cute. You seriously need to try New Balances. :D

Lesley said...

Just ran across your blog (pardon the pun!) and enjoyed reading!

Happy running,
Lesley in North Carolina

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