December 09, 2006

No Running Update

I'm still taking a break. I tried to run 3 miles last week...well, I did. And my knee still hurt. So, I'm giving it one solid week. It's been hard. It is so pretty out. Perfect running weather. Oh well...

In other unrelated news, Troy is out of town. Snow boarding. And from his phone call last night, he really has no clue how to snow board. I'm guessing that he will have it mastered by sometime today. All he talked about was bruises, seeing little snowflakes in his eyes when he fell (okay, so he just said "I fell really hard and hit my head...a few times...maybe concussion material"), but he sounds like he is having fun. Or at least trying to make the best of a situation. I miss him as always. But, am spending this entire weekend studying for a test on Monday morning. I'm actually getting alot done. And if I had of done stuff like this in college I might have gotten better grades! This is my only distraction...the computer. I tried to stay out of this room so that it wouldn't happen...but as you can did. Thankfully, it is freezing in here (like toes turning shades of white) so I won't be able to blog long.

Well, really that's it for me. Still been lifting some free weights at home and trying some of the stretching exercises i've read about during my internet-self-diagnosis. it doesn't hurt anymore. But i'll still wait until Wednesday to run again.

sorry for this lousy boring post.

happy running!


Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there, Amy. Ice, ice, and MORE ice.

Kurt said...

Not boring or lousy. It is an update and that is good.

If the knee doesn't heal up soon go see the sports doctor.

If Troy hurts himself can I have the snowboard?

susan said...

Yeah, hang in there. Ice it and be boring - it's okay every now and then.