December 28, 2006

Michael Jordan, Test Taking, and New Years Goals

That's what I felt like today...running in these babies: The new Asics Landreth 3, that is not scheduled to hit the stores until January (Clickhere). Remember last week, when I said I went shoe shopping and the manager at Run Fit said the new ones would be here in January and he'd give me a call...well, he called yesterday. And I ran (pun intended) down there to try them on...when I asked for an 8.5, the sales girl said all they got in was one size 8...that's it! So, that means that I am the only person with these shoes on for at least another week or so...and so, as I ran 4 miles in them today I thought about Michael Jordan, and how he had his "own" shoes, and how I was in my "own" shoes....and you know how thinking about stuff like that can get you carried away, right?

In other shoe related news, they really did feel great. If I had of had more than an english muffin and a handful of jelly beans before I left, I might have tried to run farther than 4 miles...I could tell that the arch is a little different than in the Landreth 2, but these don't have the bandings across the toe box, which I really think was the cause for all of my blister trauma months ago. I could tell that they were at least a half ounce lighter too! They felt really really good. And no knee pain! If I still feel this way in a few weeks, I'm going to get another pair to switch them out. The only down side is the color. They are gold this time and I'm not a big fan of gold...but what is a runner girl to do? Just live with it, I guess....

Rememeber how I failed that test a few months ago? Well, I retook it a few weeks ago and passed. Yahoo!!!! There is only one more part that I have to take this Saturday. Wish me luck, as I will officially be certified for something once I'm done. And all the studying that I'm doing this week explains my pathetic lack of running....

I'm not sure if I'm going to get to post this weekend or not, so I wanted to jot down my goals for next year before I forgot...
- Run at least 1,000 miles.
- Run two marathons (already got one scheduled so that is easy)
- Shave 5 min off of my 5k time, 15 min off of my half time, and 30 min off of my marathon time
- Cut out high fructose corn syrup
- Go to bed at 10pm and not fall asleep on the couch during the week
- Make all A's in my grad school classes (of which I begin on Jan 8...yikes!)
- Read more books, watch less tv!
- Get out of!!!
- Be a better blogger. I am constantly reading every elses blog, but never post comments...I'm going to put forth a better effort to be as a good a commenter as you guys are to me!

I think that's it so far...I'm sure that there are more things that I'd like to do next year, but those are the most important, and the most attainable!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and plans to have a great New Year! I did have a wonderful Christmas, and even got a nap in!! Troy, of course, bought me so much stuff...and alot of running running pants, a top, some ear warmers, a new watch (yeah!!), some new headphones for my mp3 player, some weight lifting gloves, a really pretty silver necklace that has a 26.2 charm on it, and more!!!! Sorry ladies, but I truly have the best boyfriend ever!

We have no plans for New Years...strange...have even contemplated calling it an early night to get up and do a long run on Monday. Sounds like a great way to start off the new year to me! We've got the Robins AFB Museum Half Marathon on 12 January, so I need to get in 2 more long runs before then anyway....

Well, that's it for this sorted and random post!

Oh, one other thing...I tried to relink the blogs that I read over on the side bar, but I lost some of, if you are a regular reader and not listed on the side bar, post a comment and i'll link you too...that's the breaks of setting up new templates...losing all of your stuff!

Have a great, safe weekend!


miss petite america said...

the no high fructose corn syrup is a good thing! i find it impossible to stick to ANY dietary restrictions for any length of time.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome goal, Amy!

JustJunebug said...

wow what a great post! all upbeat and everything!

the no high fructose is easy!!!

Kurt said...

Good goals you have for 2007. Given what you want I think you might have to increase your mileage and yes do more interval, hill and speed work that you have been doing.

I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable rest of the holidays.

Tim said...

Nice post.
Nice goals.
Nice holiday wishes.

a.maria said...

good luck with those goals, some of those are pretty lofty, but you've already shown yourself to be pretty tough!!!

and thanks for the PHO link, i started reading it, and am now seriously considering hopping on the bandwagon!!

happy new year!