December 04, 2006


I think I have that problem (IT Band).

Thank goodness it's on the other leg this time.

It all started during the half marathon. I thought maybe I was just running too close to the sidewalks. I iced. It went away. Nothing after my runs last week.

Then it started again during the race on Saturday.


What gives with my legs.

For your information it is pain on the outside of my right leg. In the general area of my knee cap, although it is not my knee cap that hurts. It's the side of my leg. Sometimes it is just not there. And then if I sit for a while, it kills me when I get up and bend my leg. But only for a short time of walking and then it goes away again. It almost feels like I'm weak in the knee. But again, it's not my knee that hurts. It's just that the pain is so great that I sometimes envision my knee collapsing on itself.

So, I'm taking a break. Riding the bike. Doing some stretches I saw on the internet. Ice. Advil. Etc. For a few days. Maybe until tomorrow. Or at least until the pain goes away.

Why does this junk seem to always me?

Addendum: Add that my knee clicks on occasion as well.


L*I*S*A said...

Yikes...I've dealt with IT band issues from time to time and the only thing that seemed to help was stretching and rest. Hope your issue resolves quickly!

Firefly's Running said...

Oh my, Amy. Ice, ice, ice and stretch. You can overcome the IT band stuff so you can do it too.

Kurt said...

I have had IT issues, make sure your shoes are good and that you rest it. The clicking sound is most likely not related to it but rather some cartlidge. I would not worry about that yet.

John said...

Ugh. I suffered with IT band issues for years while I was in the Army. Ice. Stretch. And lots of anti-inflammatories. That's all I did that helped.

Phil said...

They said it all ... ICE ICE ICE. It will get better. Good luck.

miss petite america said...

oh don't you LOVE when when your body makes strange noises?!