December 30, 2006

I Passed....

Thank goodness...I'm not sure if Troy (or myself) could have handled anymore disappointment with this testing. Troy's exact words as I headed out the door this morning (at 0712) were "we are not going to Marble Slab today"...he took me to get icecream when I didn't pass one of the other sections.

Well, I am proud to report that I passed and am officially certified (or certifiable, according to my dad). Clickhere if you are interested in knowing what I am certified for.

Another goal checked off for 2006. Another career milestone accomplished. Another thing out of the way.

Now, I'm off to the mall to treat myself to something nice, or pretty, or both. I have studied and done laundry for 3 its time to do something I enjoy :) I think I'll throw in a run this afternoon too...a celebration run!

Have a GREAT day!


Tim said...

Big time congratulations!

miss petite america said...

congrats!!! hope you also got a good deal on whatever you treated yourself to at the mall

Firefly's Running said...

A HUGE CONGRADS to you, Amy!! Now go PARTY!

Phil said...

Congratulations on your certification. This is a big deal.

And thanks for posting your Goals. Like lots of folks, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my goals for 2007 and reading through your's was certainly helpful. Looks like you've got a great 2007 lined up.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve.