December 18, 2006

8 Miles

What did you have for lunch? I had 8 miles and a shower to boot! 1:19:44. My goal was 11 min miles, and as usual I surprised myself with a 9:58 pace. Go Me!

And as I was getting ready to post this entry, I realized that my 8 miles was supposed to be next week, not this week. Oops. Well, looks like I am catching up on the week that I missed with ITB pain, or whatever it was/is.

As far as today's run goes, no pain whatsoever, until...I stopped at mile 4 to grab a drink of water. When I started back on mile 5, the pain came out of nowhere and at least twice stopped me dead in my tracks. I just told myself, you can do it, slow down, ice afterwards, it's not as bad as you think it is...and just as fast as the pain ended. And never reared it's ugly head again.

Overall, it wasn't my best 8 miles. I left my mp3 player at home, and i had on the "sweaty" shirt that I hate so much. I don't know why I wear it. It's supposed to be moisture-wicking, but instead takes all of the sweat on my body and exposes right in the middle of my chest. Well, not right in the middle but in two very conspicuous spots. And it's just embarrassing. Well, if I'm running at work, which I was. If I was at home I really wouldn't give a rats behind, but since it's work, I really don't want to give ANYONE any more reason to stare at what God blessed me with. So, I was bored. And embarrased. Which probably explains why I ran so fast (for me guys). So, maybe I should wear sweaty shirt more often, huh?

But even though it generally sucked, it really wasn't that bad. It certainly wasn't as bad as the first time I ever ran in my life, but it wasn't as much fun as my 8 mile run a few months ago. But, I was out there doin' it, while everyone else was at Mickey D's. Well, most everyone. And I had enough time to take a shower (I would have HAD to make time if I didn't), and who can complain about getting to take time off to run? No complaints here. Well, except for the sweaty shirt thang.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Tuesday Lunchtime Pilates
Wednesday: Speedwork (will take suggestions as this is the first time I've ever done it)
Thursday Evening Yoga
Friday: 5 easy miles
Saturday: 4 easy miles (I think I'm going to love that Saturday morn run, like last week)
Sunday: rest
Monday: Christmas! And 10 miles!


Phil said...

Sounds like that sweaty shirt is working for you on a couple of levels. Nice pace and congrats for getting a run in early. Hope the pain stays away. I have knee pain that will crop up 4 or 5 miles into a run and then things settle down. Don't know why.

As for "speed" work out. If you have access to a track, a good way to start is 4x400m repeats with 90 seconds of slow jogging between reps. Try running these at your best 5K pace. Go up to 5 repeats if you're feeling gutsy. I'd also recommend doing this work out on alternate weeks with tempo run ... perhaps 6 miles with 3 at your 1/2 marathon pace. Do both mid-week or at least 3 days before your weekend long run.

Good luck

Liv said...

Great pace! Wow! I think the last time I read your blog, your foot was encased in a boot - looks like you've been very busy in the interim. Way to go!

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads on the awesome mileage.

miss petite america said...

awesome job chica!! you've been a good running girl...santa must have a lot in store for you :)

Jim said...

Phil is right. Start off "speed" work easily and work into it. 4x400 sounds like a good plan. Of course as he said, if you feel gutsy . . . try 5!

Personally, I cannot stand running on the track. Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea. It reminds me too much of NASCAR . . . turn left, turn left, turn left. It also seems that there are high school and college kids doing their workouts which really reminds me of how slow I am.

I really don't do speed work per se, I prefer to do fartleks (not a dirty word!). I know it is not the same a structured speed work but if done regularly, I have found they help me. The trick to fartleks is to apply enough speed and for long enough to do yourself any good. Technically, with fartleks (speed play), you can vary your distances and speed, though I tend to be slightly more structured. For example, I normally run a 1.2 mile loop that has two decent hills. I always try to do my hard running up the hills and my rest on the downhills. 1.2 miles normally takes me 10:15 to 10:40 depending on how I'm feeling. I will try to get at least three fartleks per loop (about 2 1/2 -3 minutes of 5k race pace and then a minute or so of very easy jogging). I like this because I can still run in the 'hood.

I also like to do Yasso 800s. This works very well for me since I have a nice loop in my neighborhood that measures almost exactly 800m.

Regardless of your choice, have fun, start easy, good luck!

Troy Tarpley said...

Your gonna drop me on our half marathon with all the extra effort your putting in. And that'll be fine with me.

L*I*S*A said...

WOW...great run. I hope your pain continues to subside as well.