December 22, 2006

4 x 400s and 500 miles

Speedwork done.

When Phil said 4 x 400s and do a 5th if i'm feeling "gutsy", i thought..."5 will be's just one more lap"...well Phil, I am happy to report that you were right and I had absolutely no guts left in me after 4 laps at my full speed. Actually if I had of had any guts left, they would have been left on the track. But, now that's its over, I can see how so very much this is going to help me get faster. I can't believe I never did this before.

My legs felt great the entire time. Can't say that much about Troy (who came with) as I think he said his legs felt like spaghetti the entire time. But, breathing. It was the one time, in a long time, that I thought about all the damage that smoking has probably done to my lungs. By the 4th lap, I really just wanted to stop running, lay down in the middle of the track, and hope that someone would just run over me and put me out of my misery. Okay, so when I did finish I did lay down on the track...but I was done and we were alone so there was no prospect of being run over.

Here are the results of my very first speedwork session:
1- 1:47
2- 1:44
3- 1:50
4- 1:48

So, I was pretty consistent. And I was only about 30 seconds behind Troy on each lap.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. My legs felt so strong. And I know with time my lungs will join my legs and we'll be one happy family.

500 miles. Last night with warm-up and cool-down and the 4x400s, I officially have run over 500 miles in my lifetime. Or in a little over a year. I think that's pretty awesome considering that at least 12 weeks out of this year I was sidelined.

I'm going for 1300 next year. I think it's do-able now that I know how to stay relatively injury free. Actually, (and don't laugh cause it's not funny) if I run 2 marathons and complete 100% of the training that I have scheduled for those 2 marathons, I will have run 1,700 miles. And Yes. I am an accountant by nature. I am a nerd. I am one of those listy people that has everything planned out. I have a calendar dedicated to running for 2007. And I have every race that I want to run and how many miles each week I want to run. That's me. OCD.

4 miles planned for Saturday morning, and then 10 miles on Christmas day.

Oh, if you get a chance go read what happened to Troy night before last....a time for thieves...its a shame that people steal, but when they steal something that has so much meaning it is just that much harder.


Kurt said...

Great job on the speedwork! We will work you up to doing 10 x 400's with a 90 second rest and then alternate weeks with 8 x 800 's as you prep for the marathons.

I hope this finds you well and having a great holiday season.

L*I*S*A said...

Excellent job on your speedwork. Once you do it a few times, you'll reap the benefits on those tempo and long runs. Great work!!