December 15, 2006

3 Miles...No Pain

Thank goodness...ran 3 miles Wednesday afternoon. No pain. Finally. But I did have some yesterday after sitting for a couple of hours (office Christmas luncheon...there wasn't much I could do about that). But otherwise, everything feels good.

Am going to try running every other day until the half. I haven't figured out if I'm going to be able to get the mileage in that I want before then, but its a month away so I figure I have enough time.

I also changed my shoes. My Reeboks look shot on the bottom...which is strange because I haven't even run 200 miles in them. I went to RunFitSports and the manager told me that they had had some problems selling the new maybe there is something there. I tried on several pairs of shoes and none of them felt "great". So, I decided to go back to old faithfuls...Asic Landreths...of course, just as soon as I could say "sold" he told me that they were coming out with a new Landreth in January...too bad for him, because I decided that I would wait and try those on for size (well and comfort too). I've still got my old Landreths that still have about 100 miles left in them. And that is what I ran in on Wednesday. Of course they felt much heavier, but it was like putting on a felt the same as it did last season. If anyone's got any suggestions on a good shoe, I will certainly take them. I'm a lucky lucky neutral.

Oh, and I've made a new commitment over the last week to lose that pesky 5 lbs and do more cross training. So far, just cutting out the desserts, I've lost 3 And I went back to Pilates on Tuesdays.'s been so long since I've been...and I had no idea how out of pilates shape I really was kindof of embarrasing, and of course, motivation to get my butt in gear and do more of this. I would love to go back to kickboxing, but since it's not free, and the quest to get out of debt prevails, I'll have to sideline that wish for a while.

Christmas shopping is almost done. A few stocking stuffers for T-roy and that's it. I wish I could tell ya'll what I got him for Christmas, but as he is a regular reader, it probably wouldn't be a grand idea.

Plan for the next week:
Fri: 4 mi
Sat: weights
Sun: 5 mi
Mon: 3 mi
Tues: lunchtime pilates
Wed: 4 mi, weights
Thur: yoga
Fri: 5 mi
Sat: weights
Sun: 8 mi
Oh, and lots of ice, ice, ice

Have a great weekend!

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Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on the run!