December 02, 2006

11 Seconds

In bullriding, for points to actually be awarded the rider must stay mounted for a minimum of 8 seconds. So, how come that can't apply to running? Like say, if you run 11 seconds longer than the person in front of you, you win! I wonder if anyone would go for that....

Okay, here's the deal.

Troy and I have always "been in each others heads". Since we first met. It was a little weird at first. We were always thinking the same thing. Example: (and bear with me...I will get to the running part) When we went on our 2nd official date he called and asked where I would like to go. I didn't know at first, but then within a few seconds thought of this cute little pottery place on Ingleside (Link). At that very exact moment he said "wait, I think I know of a place...let me call and see if they will be open." For some reason I thought (and said) "wouldn't that be weird if we were thinking of the same place". We both agreed that it would be weird, and maybe creepy but we would test the theory. So, when I met him that evening, I wrote on a sheet of paper "Pottery Place on Ingleside", folded it a few times and stuck it in his shirt pocket. He agreed not to peek until we got where we were going...and know where I'm going with this. We were in fact both thinking of the same place all along! The start of "get outta my head". (by the way, I still have that little sheet of paper...)

Since then, it has just progressed to a way of life. People ask me if I think Troy might be interested in doing something, and I think for a second and agree (or disagree) and they want to know how I could know that when he wasn't even around...I smile and say "I'm in his head." It's just not weird anymore. We think alike most of the time.

Fast forward to today's Reindeer Run 5k. Troy, me, and his friend Scott. When we arrived, Troy realized that they were giving out trophies for the top 3 in each age group, male and female. He decided that he might have a shot at a trophy, and since he runs WAY faster than me, he would run on while Scott and I tried to beat my time of 28:52.

Mile 1- 8:35 (I KNOW! I don't care that it was "mostly" down hill...I've never run a mile that fast before)
Mile 2- 17:19 (SHUT UP!)
Mile 3.1- 28:15 (SWEET! I broke my last time and have a new

Troy finished in 21:25 (I KNOW! I can't believe that he runs with my slow behind sometimes...)

At any rate, we stand around for about an hour waiting for the awards ceremony. I don't know if any of us thought that we would get one, but we waited anyway.

30-34 Female: 1st place...blah blah blah, 2nd place...blah blah blah, 3rd place...blah blah blah. WAIT A SECOND! That 3rd place girl was right in front of me. Literally. She was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. CRAP. I WAS 'THIS' CLOSE. Oh well, better luck next time, right?

35-39 Male: 1st place...blah blah blah, 2nd place...blah blah blah, 3rd place...blah blah blah. WAIT A SECOND! That 3rd place guy was right in front of me. Literally. He was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. CRAP. I WAS 'THIS' CLOSE. Oh well, better luck next time, right?

Troy walked over to the guy who beat him and asked him his time...seems the guy beat him by 11 seconds.

I walked over to the girl who beat me and asked her her time...seems she beat me by....wait for it...wait for guessed it....11 seconds.

So, it seems that even with over 7 minutes seperating us in the race, we were still in each others heads...or maybe it's "in each others feet" this time....

PS. Got a new blog look. Wanted to show where I've been. What I'm running towards. Will put links to the blogs I read later...when I have some more time.


Laurie said...

I think it is really cute and very cool that you are in each others' heads.

Congrats on the 5K PR!

neese said...

oh amy that's an awesome 5k finish, way to go and congrats on the PR!

you and troy are too cute, so cool you were in each others feet :o)

and, i thought your blog seemed different, i like the pink

JustJunebug said...

that is too coinkinkydink!!! :):):)

dont you just love holiday fun runs? i get my fix next sunday!!

GREAT going on the PR!!

Firefly's Running said...

You rock, Amy. Congrads on the PR.

Phil said...

Great race Amy ... looks like you are really back into your true form. Sorry you and Troy got beat by 11 seconds. You'll get'em next time.

Nice reformated blog BTW