November 07, 2006

What Happened?????

Okay, I need some help. As I reported yesterday, I was to run 10 miles last night...well, I did. I gave myself 2hr 10min to finish (13 min miles) with water breaks, potty breaks, etc. But something strange happened...and I need some help from my fellow runners to help diagnose the problem. I'm going to post what was going through my mind mile by mile and you let me know if you've had similar issues and what exactly I could do about it, okay?

Mile 1: Wow, my shins are still hurting. But I'm not out of breath yet, so that is good.

Mile 2: Wow, my shins are still hurting. Wait, I forgot that last week after Mile 3 my shins
stopped listen to music and worry about it if they still hurt after Mile 3.

Mile 3: Retreat. Crap. Now I'm going to have to stop for 2 minutes. And what is my time so far? 30:29...what? That must be wrong. (Oh, and while I was standing for retreat there was the cutest little boy playing in his soon as the first note started he belted out "Oh, Say Can You See...." and proceeded to sing the rest of the National Anthem...was so very cute)

Mile 3: Started to run again...ummmm...who's legs are these and what has happened to mine??? My legs felt weightless. Not one single pain ANYWHERE. Really. It was so weird. And so cool. And I decided that I would leave my music off and just run. Cause at any moment I'm sure the pain, the shortness of breath, something will come.

Mile 4: Stopped at my car for water. 44:10. Crazy. And I didn't even feel bad. At all. I felt like I could run forever. I knew this would be short lived, so I just relished in the moment that 4 miles actually felt good.

Miles 5, 6, and 7: I think someone else ran for me. I barely remember them. I think I was enjoying the scenery, my music, the fact that running this far STILL felt so good. I just kept thinking "wtf is going on?" At one point I wondered if I was really dead and it was my spirit running, or if I was at home asleep and actually just dreaming this run up.

Mile 8: My last turn around. I felt so good I didn't even stop for water. I figured I would pay for that later, but only 2 more miles to go. AND I STILL FELT GREAT!

Mile 8.5: Girl, you rock!

Mile 9: I can't freakin believe that I STILL feel so good. And weightless. And my gait, my posture, everything seemed to be in alignment. It seemed so....I can't believe I'm going to say this....effortless.

Mile 9.5: I could see my car. And I still felt like I could run another 5 miles. I am officially a running freak. It's completely dark now. I'm all alone. It's past dinner time. I just worked 9 hours. And I'm still having fun???? Yes, put me in the "not normal" category. And I figured since I still felt this freakin good, I would sprint the last 1/2 mile. Which I did. I kept saying to myself "if you get to that fire hydrant, you can stop" but I just flew past the hydrant or "once you cross the street, you can slow down" as I whizzed through the cross walk. I sprinted all the way back to my car. Faster than I've ever run before. Especially after running for almost 2 hours.

And finally, to my car. Stopped my watch at 1:50:59. WHAT? 11:06 miles???? And I STILL felt great. I even had to stop and think, "did I really just run 10 miles?" Recalculate my steps. Did I miss something? Turn around at the wrong time? Miss a loop? Nope. I just ran. The entire 10 miles. Like it was fun. Because it was.

So, there is my report. Let me know if you've got a diagnosis for this crazy turn of events. I'm totally stumped.


John said...

Retreat? You stop running for retreat?

Sounds like you were "in the zone" with your running. That perfect time/place where everything just works together and you can really enjoy the run.

Troy Tarpley said...

For those that are wondering what "retreat" is....
c. A bugle call or drumbeat signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset, as on a military base.
d. The military ceremony of lowering the flag.

While lowering the flag, the national anthem is broadcast across the military base and all activity is supposed to stop.

This is the way I understand it anyway.

Way to go Amy! She talked my ears off last night, must have dreamed about that run, then woke up extra early to blog about it. I wish I'd have a run like that pretty soon.

John said...

Yes, once upon a time, I would have stopped running, face the flag (wherever the nearest flag was), assume the position of attention, and saluted the flag for the duration of Retreat.

I didn't realize it applied to civilians.

Anonymous said...



The bugle call sounded at retreat was first used in the French Army and dates back to the crusades. When you hear it, you are listening to a beautiful melody that has come to symbolize the finest qualities of the soldiers of nearly 900 years. Retreat has always been at sunset and its purpose was to notify the sentries to start challenging until sunrise, and to tell the rank and file to go to their quarters and stay there. In our times the ceremony remains as a tradition. When you are outdoors and hear retreat played, you face toward the flag if you can see it and stand at parade rest. If the flag is not within sight. then face toward the music.

Retreat is followed by the playing of To the Colors.

Jim said...

Amy, it sounds to me like you're dangerously close to being a runner! :)

You know I'm kidding . . . anyone who puts one foot in front of the other is a runner as far as I'm concerned.

Let's try cummulative training effect for $500 Alex. What happens when your continuous training starts coming together.

enjoy it, don't question it. That is what you are working for. Relish the fruits of your labors.

Maybe keeping the music turned off helps? I cannot run with music. I tend to disengage my mind while I'm running and if I listen to music, I tend to speed up AND SLOW DOWN based on the tempo. Maybe you just need to load up a bunch of 8 minute pace music!


lisa said...

Nope, no diagnosis here. Welcome to the addiction. :)

Amy said...

I had no idea my reference to Retreat would stir more comments than the fact that I ran 10 MILES effortlessly. At any rate, no, as a civilian you are NOT required to stop for retreat. As an American citizen though, I stop whenever I hear the National Anthem, put my right hand over my chest and wait. That's just what I do. Because I'm American and it's to me it's the respectful thing to do. Now, go add NERD to the list of adjectives to describe me. It won't hurt my feelings, I promise.

Lisa said...

Okay, nothing about retreat. Way to go! 10 great miles!!! I love it when one of those perfect runs happens (not that it has happened to me very often!)

Kurt said...

You are peaking and finding that sweet spot that makes running so much fun. Keep at it. Make sure you keep on the ice after your runs to eliminate any shins issues.

Your ready to race now!

Anonymous said...

freaking AWESOME!!!!

runnergirl said...

Great run, girl! I've had runs like that, but not many. Don't question, just enjoy!

Firefly's Running said...

WOW! That's awesome. Ice those shins!

jeff said...

yay! congrats on a splendid 10! REMEMBER this run, if ever you end up in a dark place during a workout, REMEMBER this run.

yay you!

TX Runner Girl said...

Wooohooo, great run. I agree...don't question it, just enjoy it!

Phil said...

Amy ... welcome the real world of running. Many of us take 2 or 3 miles to get warmed up before we feel as if we really running. Happens to me all the time. First mile is foot dragging slow, second mile gives me a chance to question why I'm running at all, 3rd mile starts to feel pretty good, miles 4, 5, 6, 7 .... everything is just fine with the world.

You're doing fabulous.