November 21, 2006

T Minus 2 days and counting

The last few days have been crazy for me.

Or at least that's what I feel like anyway.

T and I put up the Christmas tree. (yes, T you do get credit for bought the tree, you put it in the stand, you told me how pretty it looked when you got home from work. you deserve credit for that).

My "new" doctor told me on Friday that she wants me to be on Fosomax. The jury is still out on whether or not I will. I've got one doc that says no, and one that says yes. Through my own research, and a 3rd opinion, I'll decide if I want to take something that could "burn a hole in my esophogas" for THE REST OF MY LIFE. Stay tuned for more on that....

My sister got "sick" yesterday and so chose to lay on the couch and not feed my 6 year old nephew...or better yet, let him fend for himself...because crap, he is 6 and all...WHATEVER. When a 6 year old calls me and says "can you come over and make me a waffle" at 11:30am, it makes me want to spit fire. Literally. I just have no room in my life for lazy, pathetic, sorry, excuses for individuals. Especially those that have been given so much responsibility. Do you know why God would give such apathetic people responsibility to raise a child? I just haven't figured that out. But, I'm through trying to figure her out. I drove 40 miles to pick him up, took him to get waffles and let him spend the night at my house. He is such a joy to have around and it is a shame that one day he will be 20 years old and my sister will look back with regret, because he will probably hate her by then. Just a hunch.

Can you tell I'm a little bitter about this? Oh, and let me add that the entire house, including a 6 year old and all of his stuff, smelled like cigarettes. When I dropped him off today she had an ashtray next to the sofa and I looked at it...looked at her...and said "how does it feel to know that you are singlehandly causing him to get cancer?" She just rolled her eyes. She's getting nicotine patches for Christmas from me. And some literature on the effects of 2nd hand smoke. The gloves are off!

Okay, lets talk about running. T and I got to run in Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Saturday. It was such a nice pretty place to run. I felt like I could have been out there all day. But, we had to get back so that we could go see Dave Ramsey. Love that guy. He (with the encouragement of T) have helped me realize that I really really can be debt free. And soon! Anyway, back to running.

We drove the route for Thursday's 1/2 in Atlanta. And, I know that Sarah said it's mostly flat, but driving just seemed like it was a constant scary incline. For real. I'm nervous now. But not too nervous. I mean I do have 5 hours to finish it...haha...okay, so I won't take 5 hours. But I was really hoping to finish in less than 2:30. But now I'm not so sure. Results will follow. Probably on Friday. Troy is running the full marathon, so really I shouldn't even be talking about being scared. So, retract all that stuff I said earlier. I feel completely in control of this 1/2 and know that both of us will do great!

I'll give myself a few rest days and then start Monday on my training for the GA ING Marathon in March. I'm actually pretty excited about that. It will be fun to train to get faster, rather than train to just finish.

Alright, I guess that it is for me. For now. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!


Phil said...

Sorry to hear that your sister still smokes. It is so devastating on childrem.

Have a great race on Thanksgiving. Be sure to post your race report as soon as possible.

Firefly's Running said...! DO I need to bring a ref?

L*I*S*A said...

Thank goodness your nephew has you to depend on. I hope your sister wakes up and smells the coffee someday soon. Love the idea of the nicotine patches and info on secondhand smoke effects.

Kurt said...

I have the same issue with my youngest sister so I can relate to it.

The half marathon is not flat at least it use not to be. There were rolling hills. Fun race, lots of people and good support.

Have a good T day with T and the family.

Jim said...

I would wish you luck in the 1/2 but you have it down pat. Now the concept is to work on speed (as you said). I'm sure the you and T will have a great time.

Find a local respiratory therapist . . . they usually can scare smokers straight. Mona used to have access to a dissected lung of a smoker (NASTY) and would do presentations about the effects of smoking. It worked almost everytime.

have a great Thanksgiving!

Sarah said...

how'd you do? Hopefully my Marta instructions helped out a little. When did I say it was mostly flat? Maybe I did. I'm sorry! It definetly has some hilly sections, but it was a gorgeous day to run! Can't wait to hear how it was for you!

DEBTective said...

Dollface, you can be debt-free, and Dave Ramsey's plan is the way to go. Good luck on deep-sixing your debt. I'm proud of you, baby!