November 30, 2006

Start of A New Day

Training for GA ING is in effect. This will be my 2nd marathon!!!!

Yesterday was my first post-half-marathon run. 3 miles. Less than a 10 min pace. Yahoo!

It was weird. I said "I'm going to run faster". After watching those cross country kids a few months ago, I've wanted to RUN FASTER than I ever have before. But with half training, I was hesitant to up the speed and risk injury. But that's all a faded memory now....

So, I ran faster. Until I was breathing heavy 'most' of the time. And it was a first...I ran the entire 3 miles without stopping. Since many, many injuries ago, I've been walking for 30 seconds around every mile or so. I don't think that I needed it physically, but mentally it just felt better. But, as with the half marathon, the run/walking is a faded memory.

Of course, I never "felt great". I was running faster than ever. I was not stopping. I hadn't drank enough water. It was hot (I KNOW! Hello! It's should not be 70 degrees at 6am!!!). And it was that first 3 miles that I still dread. But even with the not "feeling great" I still felt great...if that makes any sense. I tried to get my mind off of the fact that my lungs were collapsing and think about the first time I ever ran that 3 miles. And how slow I was. And how much it hurt. And how I thought I would never make it past 3 miles.

Yesterday's run sucked for the most part. And even with my new found less-than-10-minute-mile-normal-pace, I had so much time to reflect on what I have accomplished in a year. What I've ran, what I haven't, what I'm going to run, what I hope to do next.

So, overall: it sucked...but in a good way :)

Next stop: This (5k Reindeer Run on Saturday).


Kurt said...

Good run. Somedays you just have to gut it out. Your getting stronger and faster.

Firefly's Running said...

HOT?! Could you send some of the heat up this way....PLEASE?

Tara Sasser said...

I have just started training for the ING too, it will be my first. Our warm Nov is over, but training must go on. Good luck!