November 28, 2006

The People vs Burger King

I should have known that it would come to this. I probably shouldn't post about this because it might "compromise the case" but I am so mad I could spit fire. Really. Troy, back up.

It seems that the person who was NOT there to see the BK incident (reference earlier post), has decided that one 6 year old is "traumatized". I wonder if she even knows how to spell trauma....

If she had of asked I would have told her that I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS TRAUMATIZED!

For real. He's just upset because Grandad won't make it back from NYC before he gets his stitches out. For real. This whole day words have been tossed about like "traumatized", "negligent", "liable" so much that well...for lack of being able to think of anything else...makes me WANT TO SPIT FIRE. For real.

Now don't get me wrong. I will cooperate. I will show Ken Nugent (or is it Ted...I always get the names mixed up) exactly where it happened. Exactly what happened. I will tell him all about how much blood was on the floor, and how innocent bystanders jumped at the call to duty. I will NOT tell him that anyone was negligent. At the very most I will say that BK needs a better design for their playground.

Because come on guys...all kids fall. All kids get stitches (okay, most.) All kids get hurt. It makes them have character, build strength, learn what is really okay to cry about and what is not. Lawsuits because kids get hurt being kids makes them learn one thing. That if you sue you will get enough money to buy Christmas presents....for the rest of your life. That's it. There is no character building lesson in this.

I should probably stop talking about it.

Troy put this vision in my head today of my family divided...over the sister who stands by her values, and the sister who is broke. The sister who has convictions, and the sister who has habits. The sister who has integrity, and the sister who has no problem asking for money anytime, anyday, for anything. I know that if this case gets off the ground, that might happen. I've already heard from more than one family member "well, I think she should...did you hear about how he can't sleep now?"

So, I've picked my battle. I'm not backing down. Stayed tuned for the epic saga of the Peeps vs BK.

NEW POST:Pretend like this is a new post okay.
This has been a crazy week with traveling, this audit that might make me famous, a relative of someone I love passing away, work, work, work, and the start of the new fitter Amy. Today was supposed to be my first run. It didn't happen. Blame it on work.
Enough whining!

GOOD NEWS:Even though I could throw my sister off of a bridge right now, I do have some good news. She has not smoked in 5 days. She's been sick (thank goodness!), too sick to smoke (yahoo!), but felt like once she got better she would probably pick them right back up. I made the agreement to buy the nicotine patch system for her every week until she has kicked the habit, or at the maximum 16 weeks. Yikes. That's alot of money. But, if it will make her stay around longer so that she can find other people to sue, who am to complain, right?

I hope everyone else is having a happy running week.

Better news tomorrow. I promise.

Oh, last thing. Go check out Troy's posts about the Pack Rats 12 Step Program and his Marathon race report. They are both interesting, and hilarious! And everything he describes is true....


Firefly's Running said...

(((Amy))) Hang in there!

John said...

What a load of poop. If my parents had sued everyplace that I shed blood, they would STILL be in court. Like you say. Kids bump their heads. Kids get stitches. Kids happen.