November 15, 2006

Nobody Cares About Your Blog

Let me first start off by saying that I hatey hate hate this new beta's a pain in arse. But, I can't blog at work if I move to a new site like, what's a girl to do?

At any rate, I don't have anything earth shattering to post about, so feel free to tune to your regulary scheduled program.

But, I do have a few interesting questions to ponder:

When did it become cool for 30 somethings to have a MySpace account? I've searched their "friend" list for almost everyone I know. And almost everyone I know has an account. Either that says something about me (that I'm too cool for that) or them (their too cool for me). Not sure. I know that I am NOT going to join those masses. Crap, it's hard enough to keep up with this blog.

Ummm...yeah, and about know I ran something like 12 miles on Monday...yeah, and um...anyway, I haven't had ANY pain whatsoever. Not anywhere. Kinda would feel...if I didn't run at all....just weird.

But, according to everyone at work, I was walking funny yesterday. Like i was limping. 3 peeps told me that. So, I did what anyone else would do. I emailed Troy and asked him if he saw me walking funny when I left to go to work.

This is his response:

Amy, they're messing with you. It's the old prank where everyone in the office is supposed to say something like:

"you look pale. are you feeling okay?"

"are you alright? can i get you something?"

"do you need to go home? you don't look well."

"do you have a headache? you don't seem yourself today?"

"did you fall or step off a step funny?"


Someone in the office thought it'd be funny, which it is, because your the one that can run 12 miles. You've probably said something that makes them feel inferior, like..."i've got to run 12 miles tomorrow.". So, they thought they'd have a little fun.

It's a pretty good prank, cause if enough people play along, the person will actually start believing they do feel bad. It's phychological.

You looked good this morning and I know nothing is wrong. You should tell them you've never felt better and your thinking of running 8 miles this afternoon. Ask if they want to join you?

Dangit! Why is it always me????

Happy Running! Oh, and I LOVE this refrigerator magnet!


Phil said...

12 miles with no pain! Now that's a real accomplishment. Tell your friends at work to screw off. Just because they can't walk to the restroom without getting winded doesn't mean they can give you a hard time.

As for "My Space". The service is really lame and not really set up for serious blogging. Stick with your friends out here in the real world.

L*I*S*A said...

Way to go on your 12-miler. You rock! The friends at work are simply insanely jealous, that's all.

As for the blog, I recently switched to the beta version and it took a while for me to get used to it. It's a process.

Jim said...

Yep . . . ignore your fellow workers. Your friends will truly support you regardless of how funny you walk! :) (just kidding)

I have not made the switche to beta. Thanks for the warning. Just like at work, I will not upgrade until they pry my cold dead fingers from my keyboard.

As far as the pain thing after your 12 miler. No pain is a good sign. However, if you REALLY just need the pain, get a hammer out of the toolbox and slam it against your toe!

Have a super day!


miss petite america said...

pranks mean they like you and respect you...that's what i tell myself anyway :)

congrats on the 12 miler! you're such a pro!

Clyde S. Dale said...

Thats a nasty prank.

Firefly's Running said...

WOW! Awesome 12 miler. I switched to the beta and nothing to bug about....YET.

BTW, I am on MySpace too. :D

Kurt said...

Great run! I don't really enjoy Myspace that much. Not as easy and hard to really navigate around.

I haven't switched to the beta yet. Waiting a bit myself.

neese said...

LOL Troy has nailed it!
i hear you about myspace, i feel creepy even thinking about getting an account and suddenly it seems like the 30-something bunch is all about myspace...well i'm not buying it either i like my own little nook in blogger land although i LOATHE this beta login nightmare thing.

p.s. 12 miles! you've come a long way since your setback i'm so happy to see you putting in the distance!

massoman said...

troy's right.

good luck with your race. 12 miles without pain or soreness!? you'll do fine.

Wanna-be 5k-er said...

Love the no one cares about your blog button!

Your work peeps are indeed funning with you. Troy is very insightful. I would be believing them, too! But yeah, next time try his response! :-)

And need I even say WTG on the 12 miler? That is inconceivable to me right now...WOW!

PS--I do not like beta either. Didn't feel like dealing with all my formatting again:-(